The Advertising Behind The Crypto Tokens Affects Celebrities

Cryptocurrencies have acquired a significant position since large investors and visionary entrepreneurs have begun to use them to protect their capital from the drastic effects of a constantly changing economy. A good cryptocurrency exchange like PROFITEDGE ORG will only permit coins that have proven use cases and are being traded by people right now.

The popularity is also because many characters in the entertainment world have begun to regularly advertise the use of cryptocurrencies, some for purely economic purposes and others because they consider digital assets to be the new way of looking at finance.

In this sense, the followers of such celebrities, for the simple fact that their stars use these digital financial tools, begin to use them without evaluating in depth the concept and value proposition these cryptographic projects offer.

In some cases, artists are paid for the simple fact of wearing a garment with the name of the crypto asset to be promoted or for promoting investments in specific digital support, without knowing if it will position itself or if the market will allow it to grow as much as it does its users want it.

Reality TV celebrity is sued.

In mid-June 2021, cryptocurrencies reached an optimal positioning point among users of financial investments, a situation that was exploited by the famous Kim Kardashian, who began to promote the use of the Ethereum Max token through Instagram.

The artist did not give investment advice; she was only in charge of announcing the possible profits that users would obtain after a potential reduction in the E-max offer.

Due to the large number of followers that the socialite has, it was the perfect bridge to reach millions of people; through advertisements, the SEC began to carry out the proper investigations to get to the bottom of the situation, where the token could be a scam.

E-Max reached a market capitalization of more than 250 million dollars, which seems to have disappeared after the severe economic crisis that affected cryptocurrencies and the market in general.

The characteristics of the cryptographic project led the competent financial investment bodies to accept the artist an amount of 1.3 million dollars for promoting the use of the E-Max cryptocurrency.

Who is behind this dark token?

It is interesting how the lack of information, management of the terms, and the technology that supports cryptocurrencies have made many unwary fall into the misuse of digital currencies.

At the time Bitcoin was created, and blockchain technology was made known as the base platform that supports the security and trust of crypto transactions, it has been violated, creating groups of malicious individuals who only seek enrichment based on a project that could be the future of finance.

E-Max’s rapid growth did not go unnoticed, leading many to deeply evaluate and investigate the elements that brought it to the top and then plummet and crash to nothing.

This token’s sales operations were carried out by two young cryptocurrency investors and traders named Russ Davis and Justin Maher, who have created various permits to obtain income without offering a project that provides benefits and value to its owners.

Currently, these young people have created around 18 tokens, of which globally they have decreased by more than 90%, which represents a rather alarming value compared to the fall of the digital financial market, which is already almost over 70%, highlighting that in this last value are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Characteristics that indicated it was a scam

Investors who are experts and knowledgeable about the digital financial market usually evaluate new cryptographic projects in depth. So that arises, and that in one way or another acquires almost instant popularity, it is there that exciting features are found.

One of the main points to consider is the publication of the White Paper before starting to trade on the crypto market, which it did not do with E-Max; this was already an elementary alarm.

On the other hand, there is the hard fork to which the token was subjected less than two weeks after the launch.

The technical aspects surrounding digital tokens make the difference that allows the evaluation of a token that can be a haven asset or simply another scam.


The safest advice when investing with digital currencies is to enter with already established projects and with a market capitalization that gives confidence and security to new investors.

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