What is a Front-End Developer Hourly Rate in 2022?

Being a front-end developer is a very fruitful experience in the current scenario, both personally and financially. Technology has become a compulsory thing not just for tech-related services, but for the whole business market too. This explosion has brought great career opportunities for front-end developers because everyone is looking to step into the online market.

If you want to learn this skill and earn from it, you have to do proper research. For instance, you should learn about the front-end developer hourly rate to check how much you can earn. There is no specific amount that we can show you here because it depends on multiple factors.

This blog has been written just to guide you about those factors and give you an estimated value that you can from this field or skill in an hour.

What Does a Front-End Developer Do?

In your daily experience, you must see the well-assembled website, and pages and scroll down to learn more about them. This is because of the work a front-end developer has done for you.

A front-end developer’s job is to create a website page visually attractively and appealing to end users. They use a code-base to create such client-side experience web pages or product pages. Being a front-end developer, you may be using different programming languages including HTML, CSS, and Java.

The main purpose of such languages is to create a user-appealing website or page display. You can say that code formation and implementation go side by side for a better preview of the page. It is not an easy task to design a website using different languages or frameworks.

Therefore, you will find a front-end developer hourly rate a bit higher as compared to other skills. But it depends on the complexity of the work, proficiency in the field, and other factors.

How Much You Can Earn As a Front-End Developer in a Year?

You have landed on this page to learn how much can a front-end developer earn. This is must-know information for you if you have just jumped into this career. To know deeply about this and to have a better viewpoint, we can divide this section into pieces.

We just want to clarify that this is not the fixed or authentic number we are going to share with you. This will be the average income based on the experience we have collected from different developers. The annual earnings would vary too, but the number we are going to share will be the average and most close to those you have heard.

Junior Front-End Developer

A person with an experience of 0-2 years as a front-end developer is considered to be a junior developer in this particular niche. According to our research, the annual income of a junior front-end developer is something between $50000-$70000.

You will be able to earn this amount right after completing your Boot camp, there is no need to have a college degree.

Although this amount seems to be a lower annual earning as compared to the earnings of a pro-developer, this amount is higher than the annual earnings of people who have no college degree and provide other services.

Intermediate-Level Front-End Developer

A person having experience of a couple of years and an expert in the different programming languages is said to be an intermediate if he is still unable to have the full expertise. This type of person has no qualities yet to take over the whole project lonely.

An intermediate-level front-end developer can earn about $85000 to $95000 annually. It can also vary with the complexity of the work or a few other factors like the region of your job. But you can get this amount every year being an Intermediate level front-end developer.

Senior Front-End Developer

A person is said to be the senior front-end developer if he has an experience of more than 5 years and can take on the whole project without hesitation.

Due to such experiences and expertise, the annual income of a senior front-end developer is way higher than that of junior or intermediate front-end developers. A pro-front-end developer can earn more than $120000 annually easily.

What is The Frond-End Developer Hourly Rate?

If you think you are not made for a typical 9-5 job, you can sell your front-end developing services as a freelancer. Several platforms help you to reach your clients and earn significantly more money.

This type of job allows you to utilize your time and potential in a better way and earn beyond your imagination. In freelancing, you can get hired on a project basis as well as on an hourly basis to resolve the problems on someone’s website. Similarly, you can also charge on hourly basis if you are providing any other online service like SEO, Facebook Post Template designing, logo designing, and others.

In a fixed-budget project, you will be given a fixed amount to accomplish the task. But normally, you will get hired on an hourly basis to solve someone’s problems and paid for every hour of work. So, we have mentioned the front-end developer hourly rate according to experience in the following section.

A junior freelance front-end developer can earn more than $40 per hour. This amount is more than the fixed salary job of a front-end developer. Meanwhile, an intermediate front-end developer can earn about $70 per hour while an expert front-end developer can earn earnings of $100 per hour as a freelance front-end developer.

Being a freelance front-end developer, you have the choice to start multiple projects at a time for different clients. This will help you to multiply your earnings in a very short passage of time.


For a front-end developer, there is no fixed salary or earning limits. The annual earnings may vary according to multiple factors such as experience, skill, and expertise. It is up to you how dedicated you are to this profession and how your learning abilities help you to achieve the status of expert developer in a short time.

You can also earn maximum through the freelance platform by providing your services as a freelance front-end developer without following the foundries of 9-5 duty timing.

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