Privacy Policy

Techforevers is working hard to make the experience of our visitors remarkable. We keep updating our platform with fresh information to keep our readers intact with what is happening around us. On this page, we are going to show you how we protect our visitor’s privacy and keep it secured.

At our platform, we use cookies that you have to accept while visiting us. Keep in mind we don’t steal any information or have any hidden data collection techniques. We use cookies just to make sure that you are getting smooth and interruption-free browsing.

Techforevers aims to keep the privacy protected of all visitors without any discrimination. We don’t ask for personal information to get our services. Along with this, we don’t share your information with anyone at any cost that we got from cookies.

Your cookies settings will be saved in our database for 90 days to make sure that you don’t have to accept them again and again. After that, this detail will be removed from there and no one will get access to it. So, don’t worry because we protect your privacy and have been working as per Google’s privacy policy.