How To Cheat At Kahoot? 5 Simple Ways

If you have been learning with fun on the internet, you must have used Kahoot. It is one of the most famous learning platforms where users browse different questions and answer them to earn marks. But for many people, it is hectic to accomplish their assessments.

The simplest question that comes to mind is, “How to cheat at Kahoot?” It is not an easy task to give the right answers to every question and stand at the top of the list of students. If you want to be there for a long time, you should read this blog about cheating in Kahoot.

This blog aims to highlight the methods on how to cheat on Kahoot. By reading this, you will learn some effective ways to do so. Let’s get started and learn about these methods in detail.

How to Cheat At Kahoot?

As mentioned earlier, Kahoot is an educational platform where someone can go to answer some questions. The main purpose of this platform is to enable its users to learn about different methods of quiz and assessment.

It has been designed with a responsive interface that engages students and encourages them to spend valuable time. Undoubtedly, cheating on such a platform isn’t a good approach. But for some students, it is important to learn how to cheat at Kahoot as they are unable to end up with successful results.

Here Are the 5 Best Ways to Do So Quickly and end up With Expected Results.

1. Through Browser Extension

It is the easiest approach to cheat Kahoot as you won’t be involved in it directly. In simple words, you only have to install a cheat browser extension and start your game. The extension will keep showing answers to the prompt questions one by one to let you respond to them.

So, you only have to read the question statement, get its answer, and submit them in your game. As the answers are given by bots, they might be 100% accurate. In turn, you will be able to score higher numbers and stand in the top position among your fellows playing this game.

2. By Using Two Tabs

If you are interested in doing some hard work like you do in Booklet or other platforms, this approach can help you. Unlike other learning platforms like Quizlet, Kahoot enables you to switch between tabs opened on your computer.

It means you can open any window without fear of getting banned from this platform. So, you can use this facility as a way to cheat. You only have to open a new tab, copy a question from your game, paste it, and search it on Google.

In turn, you will have the answer to that question on your screen. We must say that if you know you can open two tabs while playing this game, you will never search for how to cheat in Kahoot.

3. Get VPN

Only a few people know that VPN can help them in cheating at Kahoot. It is because most people think that this type of personal network only helps them in bypassing the system. By enabling a VPN, you can easily cheat at Kahoot and win this game.

For this task, you have to download a few Chrome extensions as well as a proficient personal network like Miniproxy. Once you have done so, you will be able to change the IP of your account. It will open doors to cheat in your game and win at the end of time.

4. Through Kahoot Bots

It is right to say that Kahoot Bots are designed particularly for learning how to cheat at Kahoot. These bots have been designed carefully just to assist their users get higher marks in this game. Mostly, browser extensions are using these bots to let their users enjoy cheating in this game.

You can find multiple websites available on the internet for this purpose and learn about their working method. But the main reason why we have kept it in the fifth position is threats. These websites may not be safe to browse as they are third-party websites.

5. By Using Third-Party Applications

Multiple applications are available on the internet that you can use in this regard. These websites may be in the form of web tools or an application enabling you to cheat in this game. Whether you want to learn how to cheat Kahoot or looking for practical experience, you will find them useful.

You only have to download/install such applications and understand their interfaces to use them with perfection. It is recommended to download such apps carefully after proper checking as they can be infected.

Is Kahoot Better Than Quizizz?

When it comes to reading about a specific educational platform, you must have seen a comparison between different platforms. It is important to know whether one is better or the other. So, here is a comparison between Kahoot and Quizizz.

On a lighter note, both platforms have specific features for their users. You can be addicted and enjoy any of these for learning with fun. But Quizizz is better than Kahoot as it enables not only students but also instructors to be relaxed.

While taking quizzes through this platform, you will find multiple options available for creating quizzes and sending them to your students. Along with this, it is difficult to cheat in Quizizz as compared to Kahoot. That’s why, you will be able to extract the talent by taking quizzes there instead of Kahoot.

Final Wrapping

By reading the blog, you must have got an idea of how to cheat at Kahoot. We have discussed some proficient ways to do so. It is now up to you which method you are going to pick for your cheat and win this game.

We recommend you be careful while choosing any of these methods. It is because you may have downloaded malware-affected apps or extensions that are a threat for your data.

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