25 Best Game Streaming Platform To Make Money in 2022

Do you need the best game streaming platform to make money? Streaming has become the easiest way to earn money just by using gaming skills or any other to show people. Many people have been adopting this field as a full-time career because of its great potential.

In this blog post, we have wrapped up the 25 best streaming platforms to make your search easy. Let’s get started and explore the list of top platforms to make money through streaming.

25 Best Game Streaming Platform To Make Money

Whether you are looking to live stream games or want to show any other skill, you should access the best platform. It is because you will be able to engage more audience smoothly and earn more m

1. Twitch

It is one of the oldest and best streaming platforms that have dedicated features for every user. Whether you are looking to stream your game or any other content like art or music, you will get specific channels to do this.

Due to its simple interface, it has a prominent number of active viewers from different channels. With its extensive list of features and simple interface, you can live stream your game at any time with just a few clicks.


This platform is also offering a subscription button that can help you in the engaging audience and earn money. Twitch also offers live comments and interacting buttons that will let you know about thoughts of the people who are watching you. In short, you can say that this platform has plenty of features that you might be looking for in a streaming platform.

2. YouTube Live

When it comes to discussing streaming platforms, no platform can beat the values of YouTube. It is the best place to go for a live stream or upload your recorded games for streaming. On this platform, you will be able to create your channel and use your gaming skills to make money.

This platform has a huge list of analytics that will help you in analyzing your channel’s performance. Additionally, it will enable you to keep an eye on the comments actively during live streaming. By streaming high-quality videos on this platform, you can earn a handsome amount of money.


In short, it has incredible functions that almost no other platform is offering at that time. With its huge audience, it is possible to engage a lot of people with your content and encourage them to subscribe to your channel. In turn, you will be able to generate handsome money from your gaming content.

3. Facebook Live

We are living in a time of social networks where everyone seeks entertainment within such platforms. Facebook is one of the biggest networking sites in this regard that hosts more than 2 billion active users in a month.

With Facebook live streaming, you can present your gaming content and earn huge money. It is not as easy as it seems to be to earn money through this channel. Actually, you can make money by running ads in your live stream or videos.

Facebook Live

For this, you have to meet the eligibility criteria of Facebook. There are some standards that you have to meet for making money through Facebook live streaming. An amazing feature of this platform is the auto-saving of your videos. It will not delete your videos but post them automatically on your profile which helps you to engage the audience even after the live streaming.

4. Periscope

If you want to be connected with your audience throughout your video, Periscope is one of the best and most personalized applications. Every time a person joins your stream, you will get a notification regarding this. Also, you will get instant interaction notification on your screen that enables you to respond quickly.

By using this platform, you can make it easy for everyone to have a look at your complete gaming stream. You can set replay settings that enable a viewer to start the video from any section of the previous part.

In this way, it has become easy and simple to broadcast a video on this channel. Along with this, you can choose its impressive filters to access your target audience. All in all, you will be able to stream your gaming videos with this best platform to make money.

5. Younow

If you are looking to stream your gaming videos through social channels, it would be a great initiative for you. Younow is one of the best platforms for all those people who want to broadcast their videos using a webcam and mobile phone via their social channel?

You can utilize different features to communicate with your audience throughout the live stream. It will enable you to chat with the people to enjoy the stream as well as entertain them. You can make money using this platform just by promoting some products or brands if you have your desired audience.

To make it an income stream, you have to make sure that you are getting an audience from your target region or target age sector. If you are getting such an audience, you will be able to use this interactive platform to make your career.

6. Ustream

When it comes to streaming a video, you don’t need to get an idea from the author’s perspective. You should need a platform that makes it easy for a viewer to access your video and interact. Ustream is the best choice in this regard because of its simple and interactive interface.

A viewer does not have to sign up or log in with this platform to check out your video. Due to its wide features and easy interface, this platform is not useful for game streaming. Many marketers are using this application to broadcast their live events properly.

This streaming platform will enable you to check out graphics or comments from your audience to communicate with them properly. It will enable you to get an idea of what your audience wants from you and what you have to do to grow properly.

7. Dacast

As we have mentioned that streaming is one of the fastest-growing professions around the globe. Therefore, you need to be active to respond to your audience for a better connection with them. Dacast has made it possible because of its modern interface and complete set of functions.

With this lightweight program, you can connect with your audience any time of the day or night. Due to the fast operating system, it is not only used for game streaming but also being used by professionals. This platform enables you to stream videos in the best quality formats. Also, you don’t need to worry if you have a large audience because it does not have any limit in this regard.

8. Livestream

The main problem that you may have to face while using a streaming platform is insufficient input channels. Many platforms only offer direct input from webcams and you are unable to use your device camera.

Livestream is one of the best streaming channels available with multiple input methods. By using this platform, you can utilize different methods like mobile cameras, camcorders, and webcams. To engage your audience, it also enables you to use different video tools and sharing functions. In short, it will enable you to stay connected with your audience throughout the live stream of your content.

9. Brightcove

Sometimes, you might not be looking to stream your gaming videos using your desktop device. In such a case, it is best to choose Brightcove mobile application. It will enable you to go live to broadcast your videos using your android as well as iPhone.

Due to this compatible feature, you can use this streaming application for almost every event. Whether you are looking to arrange an event for a few people or a large audience, it will enable you to get the task done smoothly.

10. Restream

If you are looking to stream your gaming videos to multiple social media channels, you will find this platform a perfect one. Restream will enable you to broadcast your videos to more than 30 social platforms side by side.

In this way, you will be able to connect with your concerned audience on all your desired platforms. With its video tools, you can also display your video content with more graphics or in different formats. So, you can make money from different social websites and using this streaming platform.

11. LinkedIn live

Sometimes, you might be looking to use some professional platforms like LinkedIn to stream your videos. Its live streaming feature will enable you to stream your videos regarding gaming or any other task from your account.

You don’t need a business page or company page to do this because you can go live from your personal account. By connecting with your target audience and asking them to join your live stream, you can convert them into regular viewer of your content.  In turn, you will be able to generate income from this professional website too.

12. TikTok Live

One of the fastest-growing video-sharing platforms is here with its live stream feature. TikTok is one of the best platforms to promote your content nowadays. Using this live function, you can present your videos to your followers and other target audience.

With its picture-in-picture format, you will be able to get a clear view of your audience and keep them engaged. Due to its simple interface, you won’t need to follow complex steps to engage conduct a live stream for your game.

13. Instagram live

If you are new to the streaming field, you may not have enough audience for your videos. It happens when you got fed up because of insufficient viewers on your content. In such a case, you need a platform from where you can invite your followers whenever you come to live.

Instagram live has resolved this problem because of this function’s availability and many others. By streaming your gaming videos through this channel, you can interact with your followers and viewers. It will keep notifying you whenever someone joins or comments on your video. Also, you can invite people to watch your videos and then make money by broadcasting ads during your stream.

14. JW Player

When it comes to choosing a platform for streaming, you should not compromise on quality. The reason is if you are offering low-quality video, it will ruin your reputation and viewers will not watch your content. In turn, you will not be able to earn money through this channel and unable to take it as a profession.

JW Player has made it possible with multiple video formats available for everyone. According to users, they are making a handsome amount of money using this streaming platform and engaging audience. It has an extended layer of privacy to protect your and your audience’s rights.

15. Vimeo

If you have been fed up with normal and old-fashioned streaming platforms, you should try Vimeo. It is one of those platforms that are offering modern features with an advanced interface. Using this streaming platform, you will be able to get complete analytics of your video’s performance.

Due to its multiple features, simple interface, and advanced functions, almost every third person is looking to use this. The amazing feature of this platform is that it will not restrict your stream but enable you to go live as many times as you can.

16. Muvi

When it comes to getting success in video streaming, you can’t ignore the importance of audio quality. Muvi software has made it possible for everyone to get rid of such thoughts and go live properly. With its high-quality video and audio features, you can easily communicate with your audience.

Along with this, you will be able to control almost every section of this streaming platform. In short, it will enable you to stream your videos as well as engage your audience in the best way.

17. Resi

Do you have a hard time while looking to stream your videos live? If yes, you should use Resi because it is considered one of the best platforms in this regard. With its reliability and smooth streaming features, many businesses prefer to use this platform.

It is the best channel to stream your videos if you are looking to connect with multiple platforms. In short, this platform will enable you to utilize different channels to stream and earn money from them.

18. StreamShark

If you are looking for the best streaming platform with active support, you are in the right section. It is your desired platform because it will enable you to do a live stream without any problem. By using this platform, you can overcome all the expected problems that may occur during your stream.

In turn, it will not let your audience go anywhere when it has reached you. With its multi-platforms feature, you can connect with different channels and broadcast your video to a huge audience to make money.

19. Melon

Another streaming platform that we have on this list is Melon. It is a comprehensive platform that will act as your studio and enable you to share your video with your desired audience. This platform allows you to use different tools from its studio to make your video perfect to watch.

Along with this, you can broadcast your gaming video to different social networking sites. It will allow you to make money by monetizing your live streams. In turn, it will directly depend on your audience and engagement with people and how much will you earn from your stream.

20. StreamYard

In addition to your video using a webcam, you must be looking to share your screen. It is important when you are going for live streaming because you have to show your gaming skills live. In such a case, you need StreamYard which is a web-based studio.

It will enable you to deal with this task with confidence because of its advanced and smoothly working software. Whether you are looking to stream your gaming video or looking for a live session, it will enable you to broadcast your videos smoothly in a better way.

21. Uscreen

Whenever you have made your mind to go live for streaming, you must be worried about recording. It is because you may be looking to post the video to engage the audience even after the session ends. Here you can do this task with the uscreen platform because of its auto-saving function.

You can go for streaming as well as download the video in your concerning format. In turn, you can share that video with your audience and ask them to come in the next live streaming. In this way, you will be able to increase your audience and make money from your game streaming career.

22. Big maker

What if you will get slow processing of your video while streaming? You will lose your audience and be unable to make money as per your expectations. With a big maker live streaming feature, you will be able to overcome this problem.

It will enable you to go live without any interruption during this task. Also, you will be able to stream your videos within a few seconds and earn money by advertising products or brands through your stream.

23. Panopto

It has been seen that people pay for video management and live streaming both to different platforms. If you have a budget shortage, you will not be able to stream your gaming videos in this regard. Therefore, you should try this best game streaming platform with multiple features.

It will enable you to authorize your video, use different video management tools, and do a live stream. All in all, you will get every function of your concerns on this platform. It has made it easy for everyone to make money with a huge list of features.

24. Ant media

Sometimes, you have a time shortage and are unable to deal with various tools to stream your videos. In this regard, you will find this platform the best choice for all types of streaming. It has ready to start streaming interface where you don’t even need to change a single section.

You only need to come to this platform and start using it to stream your videos to make money. It will enable you to go live through different sites and platforms that will increase your chances to earn more.

25. Streamlabs

If you are looking for local software that you can download, you should use this streaming application. It will enable you to stream your videos through different channels including social media sites and video platforms.

You won’t get any problem whether you are looking to connect with the audience through Facebook or YouTube. Its multiple channels to input your video makes it the perfect choice for almost every person who is looking to make money through game streaming.

Wrapping Up

In the above blog, we have enlisted the 25 best game streaming platforms to make money. You can use any of these platforms to meet with dimensions of this task. Whether you have a passion for streaming or want to choose it as your income source, you should use the above platforms or apps for better outcomes.

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