How to Do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup for Free

Reverse phone lookup was cheap and incredibly easy when we still used landlines. It’s not the same anymore. Nowadays, caller ID works. A stranger at the park gives you his number, but you forget his name.

You can use a caller ID service to check his name. However, caller ID has its limitations: it only works if other people who have a Caller ID app on their phone save the stranger’s number.

Reverse phone number lookup is essential in many scenarios. You might miss some calls on your phone yet remain undecided if you should call back or if the calls are spam. You have your professor’s phone number, but you need his address.

Google Search

Google Search engine indexes information and a reverse phone number search may provide, if available, the name, addresses, and social media accounts connected to a phone number.

For example, if the number belongs to a company or a business, Google will provide the business details, including the website and business address—complemented by a Google Map sheet, email address, and contact addresses connected to the number.


Truecaller is a reverse phone number lookup; however, the app has its limitations. Truecaller has over 300 million users; however, all you get is the name other people may have saved the number with. Truecaller doesn’t share information on address and email.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup Website/Tools

Reverse phone number lookup tools have a database of public records that can reveal the names, email addresses, business locations, and residential locations attached to a phone number. The extensiveness of a reverse phone number lookup search engine depends on the depth of its database and the precision of its search engine.

Look at it this way: These tools combine the power of Google with public records. If a phone number is connected to a business and the business has filed for bankruptcy, a reverse phone number would reveal the bankruptcy claim, the business address, if it is still online, and email addresses attached to the phone number.

A reverse number lookup tool can have over a billion data points on names, addresses, phone numbers, and business addresses and can be accessed for as low as $5.

Social Media


Social media accounts like Facebook allow users to search for other users. The Facebook search feature scans through all profiles and produces results that correspond with the search feature. If the owner of the number you input allows people to view their number through the privacy settings, you will know the profile that has the number.

Also, if a person posts the number in any of his Facebook posts, you will see the post and the profile behind the post.

Why Do You Need a Reverse Phone Search?

There are many reasons you may want to find phone number profiles:

Avert a Scam:

Most scam bots use numbers from different area codes to call people. Many people do not pick up calls from strange numbers; however, how do you know if the strange number is from a friend or family member or from a scammer? Your best plot would be to conduct a reverse phone search and find out those who are behind the calls.

Marketing Calls:

Many marketers cold call people to sell products. There are service providers that would call randomly to advertise a new feature or product or some exciting news about the company. You have no obligation to pick marketing calls from companies; however, a simple app like Truecaller can help you identify the spam marketing calls once your phone rings.

Find People:

You have a phone number but no name or address. A search through Facebook may provide your answers, but an in-depth search using a reverse number tool will provide more in-depth data on the email address, business address, and other information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Conduct a Reverse Number Lookup?

Yes, it is legal, especially when you are doing it for a mundane reason, like finding the name of a stranger you met or a relative. However, such a search becomes illegal when the person being searched has obtained a restraining order against you or if you are searching for someone for illicit purposes.

Are There Free Reverse Phone Lookup Tools?

Yes, some reverse phone number lookup tools are free; however, they may reveal only basic information. For in-depth people or background checks, you may have to register for a single search or a monthly subscription.

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