Top 5 PDF Converter – Free PDF Converter Tools For 2023

Top 5 PDF Converter

PDF is the abbreviation of “Portrait Document Format,” a file format Adobe first developed in 1993. It presents the documents, consisting of text format and images. It doesn’t depend on the application software, operating system, and hardware. PDF format is used to make our files un-editable. It can be conveniently shared with others and printable. … Read more

Can Someone Use WhatsApp to Steal Your Information? Explained!

Can Someone Use WhatsApp to Steal Your Information

Undoubtedly, the use of social media applications has become extensive in recent years. It has been noticed that the growth of these applications is unmatchable when it comes to any other category of apps. According to statistics, 2.8 billion people use different social media channels. But the cases of theft from these applications are also getting higher with every … Read more

What is Amazons GPT55x? Everything You Should Know About It

Amazons GPT55x

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives. From getting map directions to writing text, we are following different applications based on AI algorithms. A newly born package is going to be launched under the name of Amazons GPT55x. As the name shows, this AI version is going to be organized, launched, … Read more

How To Change Kahoot Username?

How To Change Kahoot Username

Customizing an online account with time is the most common task. Almost every user wishes to have a unique username with customized settings for their accounts. Kahoot is not an exceptional platform in this regard and encourages its users to perform such tasks. The most searched question in this regard is, “How to change Kahoot … Read more

How Many Players Can Join Kahoot Free? A Quick Guide 2023

How Many Players Can Join Kahoot Free

Every platform has specific rules and regulations to let its users enjoy their services seamlessly. Kahoot, being a fun-learning platform, restricts its users to use it within particular limits. For example, it allows teachers to add limited participants to a specific game. That’s why, many teachers search for, “How many players can join Kahoot free?” … Read more