How To Solve iPhone 8 Camera Shaking Issue? Best Hacks To Solve 2022

It has been seen that every upcoming mobile phone has a better camera than the previous one. When it comes to having the best quality mobile camera, we can’t ignore the iPhone camera. The company has been improving the quality of this element in all of its models. But some problems are still there and claimed by the users.

One of such problems is the iPhone 8 camera shaking issue that has been faced by a lot of users. It is not a new issue found recently in the mobile devices by the company. But iPhone users have been reported this issue just after using iPhone 7 mobile model.

No doubt, the company had added a built-in feature to get this problem solved in the later version of the iPhone 7. But that feature was not part of the later versions of iPhone like iPhone 8, iPhone 10, and others.

In this blog, we are going to show you how to solve this issue if you are facing it on your mobile. By the end of this blog, you will be able to know the best solution to iPhone 8 camera shaking problem. It won’t take more than a few minutes to get rid of this problem if you have followed the guidelines properly.

What is the reason behind the iPhone camera shaking?

Before you get to know the solution to this problem, you need to learn the reasons behind this problem. There are multiple reasons behind iPhone 8 camera shaking issue. First of all, it might be due to dust and other contaminants around your camera lens.

In such a condition, your camera will automatically start shaking and you won’t be able to click even a single picture. This issue will make it hard for you to capture the beautiful and memorable events of your life.

The second most common reason is the adjustment of screws just behind the camera lens. No doubt, these are placed to keep the lens in the perfect position. But it is also another reason behind the auto-shaking of your mobile camera.

These are the two common reasons that we have found the basis of this problem. You only have to check your mobile camera and solve these problems to make it stable. In turn, you will be able to capture the best quality pictures and videos of your special events.

How to solve iPhone 8 camera shaking?

As we all know that not every method works for everyone on the planet for the solution of any problem. You may be having some problems or issues regarding this because you might not be getting your problem solved.

Here in the following section, we are going to show you some techniques that have worked for us. You should learn about them and use them one by one till you have reached the best one. Absolutely, you will get the solution till you reach the last step of this guide. Let’s get started to solve the iPhone 8 camera shaking problem.

Clean the lens

First of all, you should examine the lens of your mobile phone properly and clean it. When the lens has got contaminants or dust particles, it will blur the image. In such a condition, it will show the picture with such a quality that seems your mobile camera is shaking.

So, you have to check the lens and clean it thoroughly. Keep in mind that you should avoid cleaning your camera with any kind of rinsing agent because it will make the entire lens blur. In turn, you will not be able to get it cleaned and get your clear pictures.

For this task, you only have to pick a soft cloth or a tissue. You should softly rub it over the lens and get all the dust particles cleared properly. It might be possible that your pictures will get cleared and you will be able to solve this problem.

Restart your phone

If you are still having your iPhone 8 camera shaking problem, you should try to restart your phone. No doubt, it is the problem with the hardware of your mobile phone. But it can be solved automatically by the administration of your device while you have restarted the mobile.

For this task, you can whether use the shortcut keys of your mobile or do it using the settings menu. In both sections, you only have to restart the device instead of getting it powered off. Meanwhile, the software of your mobile will try to solve the problem and stop the shaking of your mobile camera.

You can also look for the software updates from the settings of your mobile phone. It may be another reason behind the shaking of your mobile camera. By updating the software, you will be able to get this problem solved and use your iPhone 8 camera without any problem.

Use a tool

Another solution to this problem is to use the official tool offered by the Apple Company for solving the camera shaking issue. It was launched in iPhone 7 for the very first time. But you have to download it and connect your device with it manually in any of the later versions of mobile phones.

By using AnyFix – iOS System Recovery, you will be able to solve multiple issues regarding the working of your iPhone 8 device. It will automatically solve many problems without your notice. You only have to connect your mobile with your computer after downloading this tool.

After this, open the tool and click on the system repair option available in the uppermost section. Here you will be shown an option 50+ iPhone problems that you have to choose for the solution of iPhone 8 camera shaking.

Click on the start now button to dictate the tool. It will start processing just after asking you to choose the mode of solution. In the end, you will be able to get this problem and many other hidden issues solved by the tool automatically.

Reset the phone

The last solution that you can try manually on your own is to reset your mobile phone. Keep in mind that you will be going to erase the data from your device by doing this. So, you should get back up on the important files before you move towards the process to get your phone reset.

For this task, you have to go to the settings of your mobile phone and open the general settings. It will then open a menu where you will get a Reset button. After clicking there, you should tap on the Erase all content and settings.

In this way, the complete data will be removed and the settings will be shifted to a by-default set of settings. There is a chance that your iPhone camera will not shake again if it is doing this due to the availability of any extra or inappropriate application.

Connect with Apple Support

In case, you are not getting results from the above-mentioned tips, you should connect with Apple customer service. You can do it just by browsing the official website of the company and providing them with the basic details of your device.

They will suggest you the best solution for this problem with a complete set of instructions. In turn, you will get a manual and authentic solution to your camera shaking problem.

Visit the authentic technician

Sometimes, you may not be able to solve iPhone 8 camera shaking issue because it might be a technical issue. In such a case, you have to visit the authentic service point of the company where you will get access to a technician.

He will tell you whether you need to replace the camera lens or it can be repaired without changing it. In this way, you will be able to hand over your device to someone who will give you the guarantee of the work.

Final Wrapping

With the above techniques, you will be able to solve the issue of iPhone 8 camera shaking. The solution will be pretty simple and fast if you are following our guide. We suggest you visit the official center if you are still facing a problem because local technicians may not be good enough for your valuable device.

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