New Google Doodle On Pacman 30th Anniversary in 2022

Arcade games have always been a charming opportunity for all gaming lovers. In 1980, a Japanese company introduced an Arcade game that has only aim to engage an audience from all over the world. The game was named Pacman when it was launched in North America in 1992. This game became popular rapidly as compared to other Arcade games and people are now looking to celebrate Pacman 30th anniversary with great intentions.

In the honor of this anniversary, we are here with the blog about Pacman 30th anniversary and an overview of the game. Let’s get started and check the following sectors one by one.

What is Pacman?

It is one of the simplest computer games available in this time of technology. Pacman was introduced or launched in July 1992 after which it became part of almost every gamer’s life. The concept that has been adopted while designing this game was fulfilled properly and carefully.

According to gamers, it is an addictive game that can engage the audience with it even in this time of powerful games available to be played on the computer. Pacman 30th anniversary preparation is the proof of this statement that how much people like this game.


You can whether this game on your computer or handy device (mobile) with just a connection to the internet. No, you don’t need to install this game from Play Store or any other app store. But you can play this game directly on the internet or Google without doing anything but a single click.

On Pacman 30th anniversary, the team has done some changes to the gameplay and its interface. You will be able to play this game with enjoyment even for hours. In the upcoming lines, we will discuss this game and its gameplay too in detail.

When Pacman Was Introduced?

The designing or working of Pacman was started in 1980 by a Japanese company. According to the company, the only aim behind this arcade game is to design something that appeals attention of everyone.

As a result, they designed a game called Puck Man because of the concept behind this game. When this game was introduced in North America in/around the early 1990s, it was called Pacman. After that, the game became popular with this name instead of the original one labeled by the gaming company.

This was the time when the game got engagement by a large proportion in that region. It has been reported that Pacman was one of those games at that time that was played by people of all ages.

When is Pacman 30th Anniversary?

The Pacman 30th anniversary is going to celebrate in July 2022. You can check for different virtual events held for this celebration or multiple shout-outs offered by different companies around the globe.

In simple words, you can play this game with a different interface on its anniversary as well as win different prizes offered by different websites or platforms. You can easily approach those platforms and enjoy this game on your device.

Why Pacman is More Famous Than Other Computer Games?

The main question that comes to mind is why Pacman is getting still popular. No doubt, we have multiple arcade games available on the internet that we can play in our free time. But not all games are available to be played with such comfort that you can get from this game.

One-Click Play 

To play Pacman 30th anniversary, you don’t need to follow a complex interface. Just type the game name in the search bar and tap on the play button. It will show the gameplay that you can easily understand with a single play of this game.

No Installation Required

Like other arcade games, you will not be asked to download this game on your device. It will not ask you to spare a lot of space on your device to play this game. You can play it online with a single click without any installation or downloading.

How To Play the Packman 30th Anniversary Game?

To play this game, you don’t need to worry about the gameplay. This game can be played easily because it has a simple interface. You only have to follow the following steps.

  • Search for Packman 30th anniversary


  • Tap on the play button

Tap on the play button 

  • Use right, left, up, and bottom buttons to move your Pacman character


  • Avoid matching with the other characters to win the game
  • When you have eaten all the balls available there, you will win this game and move towards the next stage
  • You will be given three turns to win the game or complete the stage
  • Get a bonus on clearing every level

Final Wrapped

On Packman 30th anniversary, you will be given an interface with Google’s doodle. It means you will be able to see the word “Google” when you will be able to complete one stage.


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