Top 5 PDF Converter – Free PDF Converter Tools For 2023

PDF is the abbreviation of “Portrait Document Format,” a file format Adobe first developed in 1993. It presents the documents, consisting of text format and images. It doesn’t depend on the application software, operating system, and hardware.

PDF format is used to make our files un-editable. It can be conveniently shared with others and printable. Nowadays, Adobe reader or other similar programs are available on every computer device to read PDF files. The critical thing to remember is that once we have saved our document as a PDF file, we cannot convert it back to the original unless we use specialized software.

PDF documents can be converted back to your intended format through multiple approaches. You can either use an online conversion service or any desktop-based PDF converter software.

PDF conversion through online services seems convenient, but some concerns are linked with this. For instance, you might think about your data’s privacy and security as it requires you to upload your files to the developer’s server of the online service provider.

PDF conversion through your desktop software is much more recommended. So, in this roundup review, you will come across some of the best PDF converter software compatible with Windows PC. This software will help you convert your PDF files into your desired ones like Word, Powerpoint, or Excel.

What To Look For In The Best PDF Converter?

Supported Formats

PDFs are difficult to manage, that is why you need to change over them into another editable format. A good PDF converter should uphold sending out unique PDFs into a commonly available file format, such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, picture, etc.

Quality of Conversion

This is significant because the quality of files that are being converted must be spectacular, content in the document preferably being indistinguishable from the first PDF. The best PDF converter you pick should have retained all the original PDF document formatting so that you won’t lose any information and everything is unblemished and editable

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

PDF files containing scanned images demand a PDF converter is having applicability of OCR technology. OCR enables you to extract text from scanned PDF files. And now, you can search for and do editing of text in files after conversion.

Conversion Speed

Indeed, the user has no desire to invest considerable time in the simple conversion of a file. He needs quick results and gets his file for sharing with the concerned receiver. A perfect converter should be capable enough to complete the process and show you the desired file.

We will exactly prefer a converter that is providing quick service. Time is an invaluable asset. The best PDF converter saves you time. It converts your PDF files immediately.

Overall Design

Dealing with PDF files is considered intense enough. The finalized software should be fantastic in guidelines and interface. It will visually show all instructions to complete the task quickly and efficiently. With this, you will be able to finish the job precisely and promptly.

Windows 10 Compatibility

Mostly the users run Windows 10 on their PCs. So if the software is not compatible with windows 10, we will not use it anymore.

Price To Consider

There is a broad range of prices for PDF converters. You can choose from many options, like free of cost to a few hundred dollars. It is recommended to consider the price and all other salient features.

Top 5 PDF Converter

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. PDFelement
  3. Soda PDF
  4. ABBYY FineReader
  5. PDF Architect

Let Us Consider The Specific Details of Our Top Listed PDF Converter Software Below.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter

Acrobat is considered a fantastic option if you need quick conversion of PDF files into your intended Word documents. It is widely known as the industry standard.

On familiarization with the outstanding features of Acrobat, you can complete your projects effectively and quickly. Acrobat is usable even on your mobile phone when you are outdoor.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter

You are free even to select a small portion of text and export it instead of sharing a whole document. One of Acrobat’s best features is that you can convert scans (e.g., images), and original formatting is convertible as well without strenuous adjustments.

These tools having unique features is not inexpensive. It is equipped with so many options, and as a beginner, you need to learn it deeply.

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY Fine Reader enables you to convert your scanned paper documents, images, and PDFs into your desired form like Word, Excel, and many others conveniently.

Here you can utilize OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition), and your scanned documents can be converted into the editable file format.

ABBYY FineReader

This software maintains the papers’ layout undergoing conversion as it boosts the accuracy rate up to 99.8%. The ABBYY Fine Reader is highly recommended for firms producing plenty of documents that convert regularly.


PDFelement is well known powerful software having a user- a convenient interface. One of the best features of this program is that it gives you a choice to convert the PDF file into several formats.


This is an excellent choice, indeed. It also enables us to convert different files having separate arrangements into the same document. The converted files have original formatting, and the appearance of fonts and images is not altered.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF can also be considered a less expensive alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Here you can access the features from anywhere on any device.

Through simulated page-flipping, the free functionality reading of PDF files is permitted here. Hence we can make PDF files from anywhere and convert them to our intended formats, including Word and Excel.

Soda PDF

You can be allowed to send/receive legally binding e-signatures, and hence your business potentially can go paperless. The security of sensitive materials can be protected with an AES password. Cloud services can back up this software.

PDF Architect

PDF Architect has wonderful features at a competitive price. The user interface is helpful. Navigating is convenient, helping you determine where you should go as it shows 12 tabs on the front page.

From this tool, you can get a printable form of the document just you get a copy in MS word. So, you can effortlessly search the document whenever you want. In the same way, you can edit it according to your requirements and make it perfect for better outcomes.

PDF Architect

PDF Architect is highly recommended for small businesses. By enabling password encryption, you can handle sensitive information with this software. The right inside the application helps us archive sending and tracking of e-signatures.

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