How To Change UPI Pin in Paytm? Best Way To Reset Pin Using Paytm 2022

In this era of internet, the payment processing has become common and popular. It is because the process to send and receive money is hassle-free and reliable. Paytm is one of the most used multinational banking systems in India. The most asked question by the people of this service is how to change UPI pin in Paytm?

We are here with a comprehensive guide on this topic. In this blog, we will show you how you can reset a pin using Paytm and get your account secure. Before that, you must get an idea of why online payments have become common in recent times.

Why Online Payment Processing Has Become Common?

The Internet has made the world a global village where you can contact anyone even if he is a thousand miles away from you. With the advancement in technology, the process to hire employers from different parts of the planet is the need of the hour.

Many businesses are working by getting services from people online instead of hiring an offline team. It is a cost-effective process to get in touch with experts over the internet instead of the physical team. Similarly, the payment will be processed online to all the employers.

That is the main reason why online payments are becoming a part of our lives. In addition to this, the process is fast and efficient where the receiver will get payment just after processing from the sender’s side. Now, you have understood why online payment transfer has become common and popular.

Let’s move towards the actual topic and learn how to change UPI pin in Paytm.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is the biggest multinational money transfer system that allows people to send or receive payments by sitting on a chair. It was founded in 2009 that has grown much in the past few years. A lot of people are using its application to get services of digital banking by this company.

It has the strongest e-commerce policies to make the payment transfer method fair for everyone. Due to its user-friendly interface and efficient working, it has become common in people of all ages. The process to use its digital application to transfer money is not complicated because the user only has to follow some sections labeled properly.

With few clicks, the payments will be transferred to your selected account. In this way, it has become simple and quick to send payment to anyone without getting tired.

What Is The UPI Pin?

To use any feature of Paytm like sending of money, a user needs to put a pin that is termed a UPI pin. It is an identification number that a user must have put in the given section to make the transfer successful.

UPI stands for Unified payment interface that means such platforms will enable the funds transferring process easier. A user can easily transfer money from one bank account to another with simple clicks. It is an alternative method of standard banking methods like NEFT.

Every user must choose or set a UPI pin to use this digital banking method. The pin or passcode may have 4 or 6 digits. Keep in mind that this pin will include only numeric. Not any symbol or alphabet will be used in this section. So, you must set this pin carefully for the first time usage.

A user has to set this pin on his own to make it secure for his account and valuable assets. Before you get your eyes on the process to learn how to change the UPI pin in Paytm, let’s have a look at the importance of this pin.

Importance of UPI Pin

UPI pin is a specific code having random digits according to the choice of the user. The owner will be the only person who knows what exactly pin his account will need to open and process. Without proper insertion of a pin, the user will not be able to take a single step in the processing of payment transfer.

This UPI pin is important to keep the digital transfer of payment fair. Without this specific code, no one will be able to process payments to any other account. It means that you won’t need to worry about your funds.

These will be saved in your account that you can withdraw or send to any other person whenever you need them. Also, a person who steals digital money will not be able to harm you unless you have told him your account’s UPI pin.

All in all, it has made it easier to transfer money from any account to another security. Also, this UPI pin has made the security of your funds guaranteed.

How To Change UPI Pin In Paytm?

Sometimes, you might feel that someone else is using your Paytm account or have some insecurity like this. In such a case, it is compulsory to change the UPI pin of your bank account. It will enable you to make your accounts secure from any kind of unauthorized access.

Here are the steps that you have to follow to reset the UPI pin in Paytm.

  • Open Paytm application on your device
  • Login to your account and click on the profile icon available in the right upper corner
  • Check for the settings button and hit on it
  • From the subsections available, click on the “Payment Settings” button
  • All the saved payment details will be shown on your screen
  • Click on the bank name for which you want to reset the UPI pin
  • Tap on the “Reset” button to move towards the next step to change the pin
  • Write the old pin and hit on the enter button
  • Fill expiry date of your card and other sections properly
  • After hitting the enter button, you will get an OTP code from your bank
  • Copy it and paste it into the verification box
  • Tap on the enter button and set the new UPI pin for that account

In this way, you can easily reset the pin for your bank using Paytm and enjoy the fearless digital payment transfer method.

Why Is It Important To Change UPI Pin in Paytm?

It is important to keep changing UPI pin in Paytm or any other banking method. The main reason is that if you have an old pin for a long, someone might trace it and steal your payments without your information. By changing your pin off and on, you can secure your payments and keep yourself away from any kind of scam.

Wrapping Up

By learning the above guide, you might have learned how to change UPI pin in Paytm. This guide includes all the steps based on true experience by our researchers. You can follow these steps blindly without getting any confusion in the process.

No doubt, you have to focus while following the process for the first time. But if you follow the above steps, you will be able to enjoy the money transfer method by eating popcorns on your chair.

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