How To Find Random People on Snapchat? 5 Effective Ways!

No denying that social media apps are getting on the nerves of the user. It is almost impossible to think about life for a single day without browsing those apps at this time. But the lowest number of friends you may have been on Snapchat.

It is because you may either be unable to search for new people or be able to connect with your real-life friends only. This is where you will find this blog about how to find random people on Snapchat informative.

For many users, it is not common to think about this question as they think they can’t do so. If you are one of those users, you are wrong and need to read this blog. Here we will share 5 effective ways to find random people and add them to your Snapchat.

Is it Safe to Add Random People on Snapchat?

Before learning the methods, you should understand whether it is safe or not to add strangers on Snapchat. Many users think it is harmful to their privacy as they have to share pictures via this social application.

But it is not harmful as people can use it for making connections too. Some people use this platform to share their beautiful pictures, and professional work, and gain an audience. For them, it is good to add random people to their accounts.

Moreover, it may help professionals grow their networks and earn more by selling their services. So, it is right to say that it will be safe to add random people on Snapchat if you are using it for promotional purposes.

But if you frequently share your pictures or any other personal documents/images, you should avoid adding random people. It may be harmful to your privacy as random people will get your pictures and can use them for different illegal/unethical tasks.

How To Find Random People on Snapchat?

Now, you have learned the safe and danger zone of adding random people on Snapchat. It is time to learn how to find random people on Snapchat and add them to your network.

From Quick Add Section

The very first and easiest method is to use the “Quick Add” section of your account. This section is dedicated to the list of users that you can add with a single click. Mostly, those users are listed through your friend’s list, mutual interest, and your activity on the platform.

So, it might be possible that all those users are directly related to your interest/activity. Here are the steps that you have to follow for this section:

Login to Snapchat

  • Click on the “+” option from the top menu bar

Click on the “+” option from the top menu bar

By doing this, you will see a long list of profiles that you can add to your network. Be mindful that those profiles may either be of strangers or your contacts. It depends on the access that you have given to Snapchat while installing it.

Use Search Option

Snapchat also offers you a search bar to explore the list of profiles or find your friends if you have a long collection. It is pretty easy to access this bar and use it to find random people on Snapchat.

The only problem with this method is you have to type the name/username to check all the available profiles. Sometimes, you may not find any users for your search if you have inserted the wrong username. Follow these steps to search for random people on Snapchat.

  • Login to your Snapchat account

Login to Snapchat

  • Just beside your profile picture, click on the “Search” option


  • Type the username in the “Search bar” to find all users with the similar name

Search bar

In this way, you can find a long list of profiles that can be added to your Snapchat account. Be mindful that this search can also help you find popular accounts or programs shared on this platform.

Scan Snapcode from Images

It is rather a less effective approach to finding random people on Snapchat. But it still works and has been used by many users. Being a Google user, you must be aware of the “Google Image” section where you can find all related images to your search.

By searching a specific phrase there, you can find a long list of Snapcodes shared by users on Google. In turn, you can use those codes to scan them and find the user having that account. Here are the steps that can help you find these codes from G-images.

  • Go to Google and search for “Snapchat Snapcode
  • Click on the “Images” option available in the menu bar
  • Open the Snapchat application on your mobile
  • Click on the “Scanner” given below the options in the right bar

It will scan that code and open the user that is connected to it. Be mindful that your mobile will vibrate when it is scanning the code. So, no need to worry as it is a built-in response from the device while scanning a bar code.

Use Social Media

If you think you are the only one looking to expand your network on Snapchat, you are wrong. Many users want to do so and keep sharing their accounts on social media. It can be a plus point if you are learning how to find random people on Snapchat.

You can easily explore different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to find all those users who have shared their Snapchat accounts. For this, you have to utilize a few search terms like “add me on Snapchat”. To test this method, you can follow these steps.

  • Browse any social media application (let’s say Instagram)
  • Go to “Search bar” and type “add me on Snapchat

You will see all those profiles that have used this phrase as a tag or in the caption of their posts. By clicking on any of those profiles and using their shared details, you can easily find them on this platform. It might be possible they have shared direct sharing links for users like you.

Explore YouTube

In this time of the internet, it is impossible to see a person who doesn’t watch YouTube. Being a viewer, you must have seen hashtags with every video. Those tags help creators get viewers while searchers reach their required video.

You can use the same search procedure to find random people on Snapchat via YouTube. In simple words, it is possible to use the search term and reach your target. Follow these steps to find your prospect via YouTube.

  • Go to YouTube
  • Search for “Add me on the Snapchat

It will show all those videos that have used this tag in their description or hashtag section. From their profiles, you can access their Snapchat accounts as they must have linked their accounts with YT accounts.

Final Wrapping

The above blog about how to find random people on Snapchat has been written after comprehensive research. We have evaluated all methods mentioned above to check their effectiveness.

You can choose any of these methods to find strangers using Snapchat and add them. It isn’t limited that you have to use one method only. You can adopt all these methods to explore more users and extend the list of your friends on this platform.

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