How To See How Many People You Have On Snapchat

Do you love to enjoy your spare time browsing social networking sites? If yes, you must have tried Snapchat and made friends over there. It is one of the most used social networking platforms used around the globe. But it has some issues like you have to learn separately how to see how many people you have on Snapchat.

In this blog, we have covered your back to learn this method and get the exact number of friends and followers on Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

It is a specific platform that people use to share their pictures with their friend’s list to engage them and communicate with them. This app was basically designed to care about the privacy of the sender while sharing some data with his social connections.

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A user can download and install this application to make new friends over this social networking platform. Every media type like picture, file, message, or video, he shares with his connections will be removed after a while.

It means that a receiver won’t have any chance to save your personal data on their phones or Snapchat accounts. The question comes why this application is getting such huge popularity even in the availability of other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others.

Snapchat got huge popularity because of its simple interface and variety of functionalities. It was designed by a camera company on the conception to enable a user to capture some beautiful pictures using built-in filters and effects.

Meanwhile, it got popular due to this feature as well as making social connections on this platform too.

Why Do We Need A Specific Method To Check How Many People We Have on Snapchat?

Whenever we are talking about Snapchat and call it a social networking website, a question comes in our mind. It is how to see how many people you have on Snapchat in 2021. Many people also argue why they have to get a different method to do so as they can do this task easily while using any social networking website.

Unlike other platforms, Snapchat only shows a list of friends in your profile but not the exact numbers. The only task that you can do in this regard is to count that list to get an idea about how many friends you have on Snapchat.

It is not an easy task to do this simple activity as it will be irritating and time taking. So, a user must be looking for some alternative to learn how to see how many people you have on Snapchat. This is the reason why we have made this guide and ask you to learn it with focus so you can check the number of friends you have.

How To See How Many People You Have on Snapchat?

We have researched a lot and tried multiple methods for this simple and small task. But most of the methods are just a waste of time. After working on this topic for many hours, we have found a method that will work for every single Snapchat user in all conditions.

Due to the reliability of this method, no one can claim that this method is not working for him. So, you should pay a little attention to the following step-by-step guide that we have made with the pictures demonstration.

Let’s start without wasting time and let us tell you how to see how many people you have on Snapchat.

Step By Step Guide With Snap Map

  • Log into your Snapchat account
  • Open the snap map using the location button available in the left bottom corner of the app’s interface

Step by Step guide with Snap map

  • Click on settings from the top right corner


  • Be default, you have your location switch to my friends or ghost mode
  • Change that to the “Only these friends”

  • Scroll down the screen and look for the option of “All Friends”


  • Click on the “Blue Tick” available in front of that option
  • Simply save the settings and go to the home page of the application
  • Refresh the page twice for smooth and accurate results
  • Go to the bottom of your account’s homepage until you got a snap map
  • Under the map, you will see the number of friends with whom you have shared the location

This number is actually the number of friends you have on Snapchat at that time. In this way, you can easily learn how to see how many people you have on Snapchat with simple steps.

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How Many Maximum Friends Can I Have On Snapchat?

Previously, Snapchat has no restrictions on the maximum number of friends you can make on this platform. But now, it has limited that number to 5000 which means you can’t exceed this number.

Can I Check Someone’s Friend Numbers On Snapchat?

No doubt, it is pretty complicated to check your own friend’s list on Snapchat. But it is not a complex task if you have to check any other person’s friend list. You only have to visit his profile and the list of friends will be on your screen if he has not switched his account to private.

Wrapping Up

Due to recent updates and the removal of a number of friends or followers, it is important to learn how to see how many people you have on Snapchat. With this, you can reduce a lot of efforts that you might have to put in while counting your friends slowly to avoid mistakes.

With the above method, you can simply share your location with friends and check their number using the snap map.

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