How Do You Know if Someone Deleted Their Instagram?

Social networking has become popular in recent past few years. It is the main channel from where we can get information about any incident or look at our favorite person’s activity. Instagram is one of those most used social networking websites these days. When someone gets some error to open his favorite persons’ profile, he gets panics and tries to find the solution.

The first thing an Instagram user searches on the internet is how do you know if someone deleted their Instagram. It is because everyone thinks that this is the only possible condition due to which they are getting errors. No doubt, it is not the only problem but there might be others like internet issues, proxy network problems, or many others.

But we will focus on this specific condition only to give you a comprehensive guide about the process to check if someone has deleted their account or not. Let’s have a look at different methods through which you can accomplish this task.

How Do You Know if Someone Deleted Their Instagram?

There is not one method with which you can find the answer to this query but you find multiple solutions for this issue. Also, you should have to follow some steps for every method. Therefore, it is compulsory for you to read about them with complete focus to get a better understanding of your desired method.

Check Profile

It is the simplest process to find either someone has blocked you on Instagram or deleted their account from this social networking website. The first question that pops up in my mind is why someone will delete his account. There might be different reasons like security concerns, privacy issues, and many others behind this act.

Abide by this discussion, let’s try to get the answer to our main query is how do you know if someone deleted their Instagram. You should open the application and copy the link to his account by clicking on the name or three dots available in the upper right corner.


Investigate Via Username

Now, you have to open that account in any browser or your mobile application. If someone has deleted their account, you will get a page written “Sorry, that page isn’t available” in the bigger letters. It means that someone has deleted the account or Instagram has restricted their account.

Similarly, if you are getting a page with the message “User not found”, that person has blocked you on Instagram.

Investigate Via Username

Sometimes, you might not be able to get a link to the target account to investigate the activity with the above process. In such a case, you might have to remember the username as you can get the answer to this question with this method too.

You only have to search for the username in the search bar and check if it is still available on your following list. It happens when someone has changed their username and you think that is no more on this platform. To deal with such conditions, you should try to make different patterns of a username and try to search for them.

This process is called username filtration to find if someone has blocked me on Instagram or deleted my account. If you have a limited following list, you can manually check all of them one by one and get to know about the answer to this question.

Use Incognito Tab

If you are still confused and do not get any notification with the above methods, you should try to use the incognito tab or any other browser. Make sure that you are not logged into your Instagram account on that specific browser. For this evaluation, you must have the URL of that person’s profile that you can copy even from the messenger of this app.

Use Incognito Tab

Now, you should have to paste that link and wait for the internet to respond. If you have got that person’s profile on your screen, it means that person has blocked you or restricted his account to keep his activity private from you.

If he has deleted his account from Instagram, you will get the same notification on the screen that is “Sorry, that page isn’t available”.

What Happens if Someone Has Blocked Me On Instagram?

It is the most asked question especially from teenagers who love to scroll through this app and keep an eye on the activity of some specific users. The condition when someone whom you love to watch has done this is irritating and everyone wants to be ready for such conditions. When someone will block you on Instagram, all of his activities will be restricted to access from your account.

What Happens if Someone Has Blocked Me On Instagram?

It means that you will not get his posts in your newsfeed. Also, you can’t go to their profile even to check their recent activity. In some cases, it might be possible that you will get only look at their profile picture.

Bottom Line

By using the above simple processes, you might have understood how do you know if someone deleted their Instagram. You only have to follow any of those methods with full attention to reach the final point quickly. It will not take much time to get the answer to your query and fin what happened to your favorite person on Instagram.

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