How To Stop Receiving Messages On iPhone Without Blocking?

Undoubtedly, mobile usage has increased immensely in recent years. But it is not wrong to say that it has created a lot of problems for people, especially busy bees. It is because they don’t want to get messages all the time when they are working, sleeping, or traveling.

If you are an iPhone user, you can resolve this problem. In this blog, we will show you how to stop receiving messages on iPhone without blocking them. It means you will be able to stop receiving messages instead of blocking someone and cutting the complete connection with them.

Doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro, or any previous version, you have to follow the same process. By the end, you will be able to learn how to set your iPhone to not receive/show messages even when someone is consistently sending them.

Can We Stop Receiving Messages on iPhones?

Yes, you can stop receiving messages on iPhone. Being an iPhone user, you can say that you are lucky to have different features that are not available in Android devices like Vivo 1726. For example, the iPhone enables you to get your selfies flipped.

It means that you will be able to get a flipped picture from the front camera instead of looking at your exact replica. Similarly, many other features like camera shaking are also available in different models of iPhone for its users.

Abide by this discussion, let us show you how to stop receiving messages on iPhone without blocking. It will help you be comfortable by avoiding useless messages during your busy working hours.

3 Ways to Stop Receiving Messages on iPhone

It is right to say that the iPhone offers multiple options/ways to perform a single change in its settings. You must be aware of the most effective ones to get the better results. Here we have listed 3 ways for how to stop receiving messages on iPhone without blocking.

We are sure that you will be able to get rid of the unwanted messages from these methods.

1. By Turning Off Cellular Data

The very first way you can give it a try is by turning off cellular data. Normally, data is used in Android devices to get connected to the internet and perform different tasks. In iPhone, it is also responsible for SMS receiving on your particular device.

By turning off the data option, you will be able to stop messages from everyone. Keep in mind that it won’t let anyone’s message be received on your device. So, adopt this method only when you are too busy and want to disconnect from the entire world. Let us show you how to do so.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone

Step 2. Look for the option “Cellular” and open it

Step 3. Find “Cellular Data” and toggle off the button beside it

Be mindful that it will only stop SMS coming to your iPhone. You will be still getting messages in the iMessage application over Wi-Fi. So, you should turn off this connection too if you want to stop messages in this particular application too.

2. By Muting Message Notifications

Another way is by muting the message notifications for a specific user. Yes, it is a customized feature that enables you to mute notifications for a particular user. For example, if someone is irritating you by sending messages, you can use this option.

Undoubtedly, it won’t stop receiving messages but it makes the notifications mute. In turn, you won’t be able to know whenever you get a message from them. With this feature, you can easily get comfort if someone from your circle is sending messages again and again. Let us show you how to do so.

Step 1. Open the “Message” application on your iPhone

Step 2. Find that specific contact and open the chat with them

Step 3. Click on the “i” icon available in the right top corner

Step 4. Look for the “Do Not Disturb” option and turn on it by using the button given beside it

It will help you mute notifications from that specific user. In turn, you won’t see a notification for their messages and respond to them whenever you are free from your work.

3. Through “Do Not Disturb” Option

Like Android devices, the iPhone also has a “Do Not Disturb” option that will disable all connections with this handy device. It means that you will not have any connection like data, Wi-Fi, and others.

So, if you want to avoid everyone sending you messages on your device, you can use this option. Follow these steps to turn on this option:

Step 1. Swipe up to get access to quick features

Step 2. Look for the “Do Not Disturb” option

Step 3. Tap on it to “Turn On” this option

It will help you avoid getting calls and messages from anyone. Doesn’t matter whether the sender is in your contact list or not, their messages won’t be delivered.

Why Do You Need to Stop Receiving Messages on Your iPhone?

Undoubtedly, every person may have a specific reason to block messages on their iPhone. But the most common reason is unwanted messages delivered throughout the day.

It has become common for companies to approach their customers through messages even when they are not connected with them. The reason is such marketing companies buy software that fetches your contact numbers from the internet and shares the list with them.

After approval, the messages are delivered to all in one go. That’s why many users get useless messages on their phones even when they haven’t subscribed to a company. To stop those messages, most users think of how to stop receiving messages on iPhone without blocking.

Will the Receiver Notify You When You Block Someone on Your iPhone?

No, the receiver won’t get any notification or alert that you have blocked them. Blocking a contact is purely your concern and remains in the offline storage of your mobile. That’s why no one will know whether you have blocked them or not.

The only way in which others will know about this activity is when you are using social media networks. In simple words, if you have blocked someone on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, they will see a notification from the application.

In the case of the messaging app of iPhone, no one will know except you that you have blocked someone. So, if you want to avoid calls and messages from a particular user, you can go with the blocking process.

Final Wrapping

By reading this blog, you have learned how to stop receiving messages on iPhone without blocking them. We have discussed three different solutions to accomplish the task. You can move with anyone according to the reason why you want to avoid receiving messages.

We recommend blocking the content if it is not important for you. The reason is you will never be able to feel uncomfortable while using your mobile.

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