How To Unlink Email Accounts From Yahoo

Sometimes, a person wants to receive and send emails from a single account. For this task, he may add all his email accounts to his Yahoo mailbox. It is the best way to add all the mail accounts under a single one to access everything related to this task with a single click.

If you are not using your Yahoo mailbox, you should unlink or remove third-party email accounts from your Yahoo account. The process to unlink the accounts from Yahoo is not as simple as it is with Google.

Therefore, we are here with the complete answer about, “How to unlink email accounts from Yahoo?”
Let’s have a look at the most reliable process with which you can perform this task.

How To Unlink Email Accounts from Yahoo?

The process we are going to show you here is the most efficient and easiest one. So, we recommend you follow it step by step for better results.

First of all, you have to sign in to your Yahoo mail account using your desktop or laptop. We highly suggest you use this device as you have to face various issues if you are doing with your mobile device.

Once you are in, you have to go to settings by clicking on the three dots available in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you will find multiple options in the dropdown. At the bottom of this list, you will find an option of “More Settings”.

Click on it that will lead you to a new window that has multiple options to do different tasks. One of those options is “Mailbox” which will enable you to remove all the third-party email accounts. You can unlink any of those email accounts with simple clicks.

By clicking on “Mailbox”, you will get a list of all the linked accounts with your Yahoo account. Just right-click on any of those emails that you want to remove. It will show a button for the call to an action named “Remove mailbox”.

You only have to click on this option that will ask you for confirmation. Just click on it for confirmation and it will unlink your third-party email account from Yahoo.

Quick Tip:

With Yahoo mailbox, you may add multiple accounts and access them with a single click. It offers signing-in to as many accounts as you want. So, if you have to use various accounts, you can switch between them instead of unlinking them from the Yahoo mailbox.

Wrapping Up

With the above discussion, you have got the answer to how to unlink email accounts from Yahoo. Now, you can do this task simply by following the above procedure properly for better outcomes.

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