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Oppo is one of the most demanding mobile brands in the country. Almost 30-40% of users from the mobile phone community prefer to buy this phone and enjoy its amazing features. Oppo A12 price in Pakistan 2020 is one of the most asked phrases in the country.

The reason is that many people want to buy this fantastic product from the manufacturer. It has a lot of features that attract people and enforce them to buy this phone for reliable usage. You can get this phone from any mobile phone dealer. Almost every dealer has this phone to sell because of its high demand.

Oppo A12 Price In Pakistan 2020

  • PKR 24999

The price of Oppo A12 in Pakistan is PKR 24999. It seems to be a higher price mobile when launched in 2020. When users check its features, specifications, and quality, they found it reasonable and affordable. The price may vary with time because of the availability of many new models by the brand.

Oppo A12

Keep reading if you are ready to get this mobile phone for your comfortable usage. In this article, we will extract all the possible and best features of Oppo A12 to ensure reliability before buying it. You should read it till the end if you want to buy this product from Oppo.

Full Specifications of Oppo A12

Oppo A12 price in Pakistan 2020 is nothing when you will find it fast with the Android 9.0 Pie operating system. Yes, it is working on the most advanced operating system version. You will get fast results and smooth working while using this phone even for hours.

It is also assembled with an Octa-core processor which will help the phone to work faster. Along with the processor and operating system version, it has a chipset to enhance the speed and working features. By combining all these components, a fast and efficient device named Oppo A12 comes into the market.

The main reason why Oppo is considered a fabulous brand is the camera quality. This product like all other products of the company has an above-the-line quality for the camera. The main camera is 13 MP which will give you a clear image and picture of the objects placed at a distance too.

Oppo A12 Price In Pakistan 2020

The manufacturer has designed the phone with an efficient selfie or front camera of 5 MP. With this camera power, you can easily click your image without asking someone to do this. In addition to this, you can easily store a lot of data on this mobile phone.

Oppo A12 does not come in only one product or feature. It comes in two main types separated based on RAM and storage. You can buy3/4 GB RAM mobile phone with 32/64 GB internal storage. The only factor that you will find is a little change in the price of them.

So, you can buy a mobile phone according to your budget and requirements. Both these products have all other features same without a little change. That is why there would be no confusion while buying any of them.

Best Oppo Mobile Ever

You can also read Oppo F17 pro review and Oppo F17 full specifications on our platform. We provide complete information about a product to extract a better view for our valuable readers. Abide by this, Oppo A12 is one of the best products by the manufacturer.

In the last, you will find it a long-lasting mobile phone because of its heavy battery power and bigger screen size. You will not find a single object behind the screen because of the larger view. You can also term it a minicomputer like Oppo Reno 5 pro.

Table For Quick Features

You can also know all other features of the mobile and Oppo A12 price in Pakistan 2020 by the following table. Get a look at this and you will get what you are looking for to work on a reliable device.


What Is The Difference Between 3GB And 4GB RAM?

Abide by RAM and storage capacity, there would be no difference in the Oppo A12 models. You will find all other features the same instead of speed and storage.

Is The Above Price Absolute?

Yes, the above-mentioned Oppo A12 price in Pakistan 2020 is absolute. It may change with time and innovations if the company will do in the future.

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