Powtoon Animation Software

Powtoon Animation Software is an animated video-making application. It is the most simple and easy to use application as a user has to drag and drop the images or elements to make an animated video.

It can be used to make stuff for presentations for different businesses, projects, and product ads. Powtoon Animation Software gives the output by manipulating objects, imported pictures, provided chosen music, and voice-overs.

It helps to deliver your message or presentations in a better way in a visual form which simply east to understand and is more effective and interesting. Powtoon offers a number of different templates and graphic choices.

You can choose the one which is perfect for your preference and brand. People from different fields and businesses such as training, leadership development, marketing, communication, education, and more are using this app to convey their message in a proper way.

What Are The Features of Powtoon?

When you log in to the Powtoon Animated app, it brings more than 115000 videos with itself. There is a library of unlimited animations, characters, text, colors, moving graphics, voice-over styles, and other tools that can be used to explain, promote, or convey your ideas, services, products, or training lectures in a positive way.

It offers all the graphics, images, animation styles, and visual assets that you will find in Powtoon library totally commercial-free.

It means you do not need to mention the source of any of the video background, image, graphic, or sticker which you use in your animated video. You can also use these images, text, graphics without any watermark.

Powtoon app also allows you to post the videos you made on any social media app, website, advertising websites, or wherever you want directly from the app.

You can also add Powtoon Capability to your program which allows your users to make their own presentations by using the Powtoon app.

Highly Secured

Powtoon is a highly secured app and meets all the security measures and standards. The app gives a dedicated log-in ID and password to every user. It means every user makes videos at a separate workplace assigned to him and this makes its data safe and secure.

After completing the video, a user can share it wherever he wants. These videos are also stored in Powtoon cloud storage which is run by AWS, S3, and Microsoft Azure.

Is Powtoon Easy-To-Use?

A large number of different tools and features make Powtoon an easy-to-use app for everyone. Even a beginner can make an animated presentation by using Powtoon without any external help or assistance.

Different templates offer by the app allows a beginner to make an animated presentation that meets the professional standards. Its easy-to-share feature allows the beginners to share their presentations on different platforms.

How Can We Download Powtoon Animation Software?

Powtoon is an online animated video-making application. At the time, no one can download

Powtoon to the desktop as an application as the download is not available yet. You can make animated videos and presentations only using Powtoon online.

However, it provides the facility to its premium users to download the videos in mp4 format for free. I repeat this facility is only for the premium users.

How Can We Download Videos From Powtoon Studio?

If you are a premium user, it is very simple to download videos from Powtoon studio. Here we have a simple guideline for you:-

  • Go to the Powtoon Studio and click on the Export button.
  •  Select the Download Video (mp4) option that appears at the right top of the screen.
  • In the third step, define the export detail such as Powtoon category, want to make it public or unlisted, and when you have done, click on Next to proceed.
  • Define the quality details, and when you have done, simply click on Download Powtoon. 

Now you have your video downloaded to your desktop.

What Is The Powtoon Software?

Powtoon is an animated video making software which is used to make presentations and animated videos for business, product ads, educational purposes, marketing, and presentations. It is the best and easiest known animated videos making software.

It has a large number of templates, graphic styles, and text which allows a user to make the best video according to his work. This app is only used online and can not download to the desktop.

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