How Much Can I Make on TikTok? Updated Guide 2024

Making money online has become the easiest approach to earn a handsome income. But the problem is not everyone knows how to use different platforms like TikTokFacebook, and Instagram to make money.

I got a lot of similar questions like how much can I make on TikTok and effective ways to earn through social media. So, I have decided to write this comprehensive guide on this topic and let everyone get advantage.

By reading this blog, you will be able to make a handsome income from this video streaming platform like I do. Let me get to the point without wasting much time.

Does TikTok Pay to Creators?

First of all, let me be clear on this question and say, “Yes, TikTok pays the creators”. Be mindful that you won’t get money just after posting your videos on this platform. TikTok evaluates different factors before letting anyone get money from it.

So, you must have a clear idea that it won’t be possible to earn money from this video streaming platform if your content doesn’t qualify. Simply, I want to say that you have to share quality content according to the TikTok community guidelines and fulfill the requirements to be eligible to earn.

How Much Can I Make on TikTok?

Now, you have cleared the biggest myth about earning from TikTok. It is time to learn how much can I make on TikTok. Obviously, it depends on different factors like content category, viewer engagement, location, and sharing consistency.

But I can set an average range for you to have a concise answer. TikTok pays between $5 to $100 or more depending on the average views and time spent by the audience. You can also read how much does TikTok pay for 1 million views to learn how viewer count affects earning.

Along with this, you can make additional money from your content on this platform. The only thing you should have is a consistent and valuable audience for your account. It can open doors for you to make thousands or millions of dollars from your account.

How Does TikTok Calculate the Estimated Payment?

By reading the above answer to how much can I make on TikTok, you might be confused about the earning calculation. It is a common question that comes to mind why this platform is paying much less than other platforms.

Don’t worry, I had the same question in my mind when I was starting on this platform. So, I don’t let you feel insecure and share a few factors that TikTok covers while estimating earnings.

This platform focuses on the following factors to decide how much a TikTok user will get.

  • Viewer count
  • Audience location
  • Video likes
  • Engagement time
  • Average sharing
  • Content genre/category

Doesn’t matter whether you have millions of followers or just applying to earn from TikTok, it will analyze the above factors before paying you. Keep in mind that you should need to be an approved creator in the program to earn from it.

If the platform has rejected your application, you will never be able to make from this way. I recommend using the other ways that I will mention later on this page.

6 Ways to Make Money on TikTok in 2024

Till now, you must have a clear idea of how much can I make on TikTok in ordinary ways. But, it might be possible you don’t have any idea about the ways to get started. If I am right, here are a few ways to learn how to make money on TikTok.

1. TikTok Creator Fund

It is a built-in service offered by TikTok to its creators who are doing great work. TikTok introduced this fund in 2021 to encourage the best creators to stick with the platform and engage more audiences.

You can think of TikTok creator fund as YouTube monetization services. To access this program and earn from it, you have to fulfill specific requirements and monetize your account. But the problem is it isn’t accessible to every user throughout the globe.

TikTok Creator Fund

To get money from the TikTok creator fund, you have to be a citizen of the US, UK, Spain, or Italy. The service is available in these countries only. You can’t activate this program if you don’t live in this region. Along with this, you have to fulfill a few other requirements that you can read on the official website.

2. Sell Your Products

If I say the most profitable way to make money on TikTok is by selling your products, it won’t be wrong. The reason is the entire profit will go to your pocket instead of paying any other user. Whether you think of a third-party promotional company or an individual promoter, there won’t be a share of the profit.

Sell Your Products

In simple words, you can get the products from the market and sell them via TikTok. It will be much more profitable as you know the cost price and set the selling price accordingly to make a handsome income.

Pro Tip: If you are struggling to get sales, I recommend reposting TikTok videos to have more audience on the same video (product).

3. Through Affiliate Marketing

Don’t you want to invest in buying products and selling them? Here I am with an exciting idea to make money from TikTok with zero investment. Yes, you have heard it right you can earn from it just by publishing videos on this platform and getting the attention of the buyers.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products from your account and earning a commission from them. You can sign a contract with them defining the commission percentage per sale with other terms.

Through Affiliate Marketing

I have seen people making thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing on Amazon and other well-known stores. It will be pretty simple to create sales by promoting products as multiple people are already doing so by sharing high-quality videos on Instagram.

4. Offer Services

Another way to make money from TikTok is by providing services. Using this platform, you can sell any services without restriction (18+ exceptions). Whether you are an audio transcription expert or a web developer, you can get clients using this platform.

Offer Services

The only thing you have to do is to share content on this platform regularly. No need to advertise your services like you do through Facebook Business Page. It all depends on you whether you want to invest in it or not as you are managing your business.

I must say that you don’t need to learn how much can I make on TikTok while using this way. The reason is you can earn as much as you can by offering quality services and maintaining a long-term relationship.

5. Become an Influencer & Promote

If you haven’t found any feasible way to make money on TikTok, you can try this one. It is the easiest way to make money from this streaming platform. You only have to do a little hard work in the beginning and then keep sharing regular content.

Become an Influencer & Promote

If I say that becoming an influencer and promoting brands is the most valuable way to make money, it is right. Undoubtedly, it is hard to become an influencer when you have multiple ones with millions of followers in the field.

The best approach is to promote you using a few fake Facebook accounts and divert the audience to TikTok. It can help you gain an audience for your real account and in turn, get the attention of the brands. In the end, you will be able to close the deal with them and promote them by charging them specific money.

6. Do Live Streams

Last but the newest way to make money from TikTok is through live streams. It is a new way to make money directly from TikTok. To encourage the creators to be engaged with the platform, it has introduced the live streaming feature.

Do Live Streams

Using it, you can go live and reach your concerned audience for interaction in real time. Your fans will be able to send you stars, coins, or built-in tags. In turn, you will be able to convert them into real dollars and withdraw them to get them in your wallet.

Final Wrapping

By reading this blog, you must be capable of getting ready to earn from TikTok. I hope you have learned how much can I make on TikTok using its built-in feature. I have also shared other ways to extend the boundaries to make money from this video streaming platform.

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