Samsung Galaxy s20

samsung galaxy s20 review

As far as the best smartphone of 2020 is considered, the Samsung Galaxy s20 has won the race with a great Marjan. The phone was launched on February 11, 2020, in San Francisco. The phone has the best and most advanced features with a beautiful look and a comfortable easy-to-hold shape. Samsung Galaxy s20 has … Read more

Powtoon Animation Software

Powtoon Animation Software

Powtoon Animation Software is an animated video-making application. It is the most simple and easy to use application as a user has to drag and drop the images or elements to make an animated video. It can be used to make stuff for presentations for different businesses, projects, and product ads. Powtoon Animation Software gives … Read more

Phone Screen Repair

Phone Screen Repair

If you are a smartphone user, then there is always a chance that you have to repair your cell phone screen. Every smartphone user experiences this at least once. Why Does The Screen Often Break? The demand and desire of the users are always to have a smartphone with a wide and crystal display. To … Read more

Windows 10 Requirements

Windows 10

Before talking about Windows 10 requirements, let’s have a look at Windows 10 and its features. Windows 10 Windows 10 is the latest operating system, introduced by Microsoft. It is released in July 2015 for public use. It is released almost two years after the release of Windows 8. After Windows 8, which is not … Read more

Billy Mays

Billy May

Billy Mays was a famous and well-known product promoter and direct response advertisement salesperson. He promoted a number of products throughout his carrier but he earned his fame as an “Oxiclean” promoter. Due to his unique and impressive sale-promoting techniques, a documentary was made on him that aired on Discovery Channel. His signature distinctive beard, … Read more

Download Anvi Folder Locker

How To Uninstall Anvi Folder Locker

Due to advancements in the digital world, many privacy concerns have grown among people. Every person wants to secure his data from every person around him for a safe and happy life. Also, a person always needs to get security about his information related to his business and other concerns. Here is the solution to … Read more

AAE File – Is It Safe To Delete An? AAE File?

AAE File

Sometimes when you are editing a photo on your device, you may get confused and make unusual changes to it. In such cases, you may get an edited photo with non-attractive changes. Most people lose their original photos after making editing. This will add up more difficulties in their work. For such issues, there is … Read more



Skype is one of the most renowned and famous applications used for video calls. It can be ranked at the top of the list without any hesitation. Some of the Dictionaries use the word “Skype” as the synonym for “ Video Calling”. It is developed in 2003. Now it is owned and managed by Microsoft. … Read more

Java 64 Bit

Java 64 Bit

Java is a very famous and almost the most using programming language at the time. It is used to run different applications, search engines, and websites on a device. The device can be a mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, computer, tab, or supercomputer. It was invented in the second half of the 1990s. There are various … Read more