How To Get The Link to Your TikTok?

Having access to your social media account’s links is a must-have thing for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you are an influencer or a common user, you need to learn how to get the link to your TikTok.

There can be multiple reasons behind the collection of this link that we will discuss later. If you don’t know how to accomplish this task and for which sections you can get the link from TikTok, this blog is written for you. Let’s get started!

What is URL on TikTok?

Like other platforms such as FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn, TikTok gives you a particular and unique link for your profile. You can say that it is a unique link that redirects the receiver to your link directly instead of searching manually.

What is URL on TikTok

I have seen a huge growth in my TikTok account by utilizing this link to my viewers on different platforms. But I have seen many people struggling with the collection of this URL for various purposes.

That’s why, I have decided to write this article about this link and tell my readers how they can get this link from their account.

For Which Sections You Can Get the Link From TikTok?

First of all, I must say that you should understand which sections can be accessible through TikTok links. If you know what is the main indication of that link, you will be able to share it precisely.

So, I have researched comprehensively and discussed here two main sections for which you can get a link from TikTok.

Profile URL

The most effective link from your TikTok account is your profile link. It can enable you to share the whole account at once. This link can help you in gaining more followers and likes on your overall content instead of focusing on one.

This URL is shared by people when they are creating other social media accounts and want to divert the audience to TikTok. For example, if you have a profile on this platform and looking audience from different social media channels, you will add your profile link to those platforms.

Video URL

The second section for which you can access a specific link is the video link. Being a TikTok user, you must be aware that it is a video streaming platform. Every video you have shared on this platform will have a unique URL that you can share with others.

Whoever gets this link and clicks on that will be redirected to your video. In turn, you can promote one of your videos and get more attention instead of dividing the audience into the overall content shared in your account.

Whether you have reposts on TikTok or sharing new content, you will be able to get its link and share it. Isn’t it good to have an audience from other platforms too instead of sticking to this video-sharing channel?

How to Get the Link to Your TikTok?

Till now, you have learned the sections for which you can get the link to your TikTok profile. It is time to learn how to get the link to your TikTok and share it with others. Here, we have discussed both of those sections one by one for better understanding.

Profile URL Collection

If you want to share your profile URL with others, you need to follow these steps. I have mentioned these prices as per my mobile application. You may find these options at some other space after the update of the application but the steps remain the same.

Step 1. Go to your TikTok application

Go to your TikTok application

Step 2. Look for the profile icon given in the right bottom

Look for the profile icon given in the right bottom

Step 3. Tap on your “Profile” icon

Tap on your “Profile” icon

Step 4. Now, click on the “Three lines” available on the right top corner

Three lines

Step 5. Choose “Settings and Privacy” from the popped-up list

Settings and Privacy

Step 6. Look for “Share Profile” and click on that

Share Profile

Step 7. Tap on the “Copy link” to get the link copied to the clipboard

Copy link

With these steps, you can get the link to your TikTok and share it wherever you want. If the application (where you want to share) is installed in your mobile application, you can directly tap on the name of the application to share the link instead of copying it.

Video URL Collection

Sometimes, you may have created a mind-blowing video that you want to share with everyone outside the TikTok platform. In that case, you have to copy the link to that video and share it wherever you want. Here are the steps that you need to follow for getting the link:

Step 1. Go to your “Profile

Step 2. Look for the video you want to share

Step 3. Open that video

Step 4. Look for the “Share” icon in the right vertical bar

Step 5. Click on the “Copy link” to get the link to that video

You can use that link on different social media platforms and redirect the audience to that video on TikTok. It can help you gain more views as well as get more followers if they like your content. If your content is engaging enough, it can help other videos too in getting views when someone visits your account using this link.

Reasons You Need a Link to Your TikTok

Undoubtedly, there can be multiple reasons you need to learn how to get the link to your TikTok account/videos. For example, you may want to calculate how much can I make on TikTok using an estimation calculator online using that link.

Additionally, you may have different reasons but we have shared a few of those here to let you understand the major reasons.

For Sharing

The biggest reason is sharing your content or profile to have more followers on your account. You can share it with your followers on different platforms, with friends, or with family members to get their love.

Along with this, it helps you to have more attention from the audience that isn’t connected with you on TikTok. In short, you may need to share the TikTok account for various purposes.

For Profile Management

Another reason for getting your TikTok account link is for the profile’s management. Some professional platforms demand you to connect your different accounts with it to check your reliability.

In this case, you can use your TikTok profile’s link to fulfill the requirements. If I say that it will work in two different approaches to fulfill requirements and redirect the audience, it will be right.

For Portfolio

If you are a professional, the most important thing to show the customers is your availability over different platforms. If you are unable to share a strong presence with a proven record, you won’t be able to get them converted.

So, you can use the TikTok link to share in your portfolio and let the others see what you have done. By sharing your portfolio publically, you will be able to get consistent customers. Whenever someone sees your profile and looking for the same work, they will come to you.

In simple words, you won’t have to hunt customers anymore but they will come to you. The only thing you have to make sure is that your account is strong enough to be visible to others, especially to customers.

Final Verdict

In this blog, I have shared how to get the link to your TikTok profile/videos. It will be pretty simple for you now to get the concerned link and share it wherever you want. I have discussed the reasons too with the specific link requirements to let everyone feel comfortable when looking to share the profile or content of their accounts.

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