5 Best Android Emulators for PC | Free Tools To Use In 2022

Android emulators have become the needs of almost every PC user. There are various solid reasons to support this idea and its usefulness. The two main reasons for its computer or laptop usage are program development testing and enjoy mobile games on the large screen.

This article will check the 5 best android emulators for PC that you can get and use efficiently. All the programs we will discuss will be free. You only have to read about them and extract the best emulator for your device to enjoy interruption-free games.

Uses of Android Emulators

There are two main uses of Android emulators. First of all, you can use it for playing mobile games on your computer. Usually, it is prohibited to play mobile games on any other device. In this way, a person is not able to play the games on a bigger screen.

In turn, he would not get the perfect graphics of the game. For such problems, you can get an emulator on the computer and start playing your favorite games.

Secondly, a developer must check the reliability of his game or program before launching. Therefore, he needs to check it on multiple devices like mobile phones, PC or some others. For this task, he would have to install an emulator in the device and check his game’s validity.

5 Best Android Emulators for PC

There is an extensive list of Emulators available on the internet. We will check the 5 best and free emulators from that vast collection.

LD Player

LD Player is one of the most demanding emulators in the world. It is a program that was launched with a focus on the gaming field. A user can easily use this tool to enjoy all games on his PC. It will not restrict you while playing a game or do not show any slow browsing.

Due to its compatible interface, you can easily do what you want. It also allows you to stream different social media platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Tiktok, and others.

Android Studio

It is not a particular emulator program. But it is a complete set of different programs with which you can complete many tasks. With this tool’s help, a developer can develop games and programs, especially for Android devices.

This developing tool has a built-in emulator for testing. A developer can easily use this emulator to test his android developed program or game.


This is not a tool that you have to download on your device. It is a chrome extension that you can get from Chrome Web Store. The program will allow you to play mobile games on your computer. It also enables you to test any program on your computer.

Unlike other emulators, it is a light program. You can add it to your chrome browser in few minutes.


The name has already shown that this emulator is specifically launched for the gaming field. Yes, this emulator has all those properties for which a gamer has been looking. The program will allow you to play various games on the computer.

It means that there will be very few chances that you can not play any game on the computer. It will allow you to play almost every android game on your computer.

NetEase MuMu Player

Here is also another fantastic gaming emulator for PC. This tool has been designed by combining multiple properties. You would not find any other device having the same features for free. In other tools, you must pay them to buy emulators.

With its latest version, you can run this emulator on any version of Android. Further, many other features have been added to the new version of this tool.

Final Note

The above discussed are the best 5 emulators for PC. You can get any of these as you do not have to pay a single penny. All these tools are available for free without paying any money. In short, you can enjoy the best services with these tools.

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