What is My Secret Folder?

There are multiple ways to protect your data from hackers and unauthorized access. But the problem is that how to protect your data while you are sharing your computer. Sometimes, you may have to share your device with a person like a friend or fellow.

In such cases, you should get a specific or extra program. It should have the capability to protect your data and keep it safe. There are multiple programs available in the market, like Anvi Folder locker. You can get any of them for your task.

Here we will discuss some of the most reliable and accessible tools for protecting your data. Just read about it, and you will find it super simple to use and understand its functionality.

What Is My Secret Folder?

The name itself is showing the exact definition of the tool. It is the specific software with which you can easily keep your data secure. No one will see what is inside the folder and for what purpose you are collecting the data.

In this way, you can quickly leave your device for your friend or brother’s use. Your data will be secured and private for all other persons except you. Primarily, people are using this software to keep their business details inside it.

It is because the tool is considered the most secured and reliable locker. With this tool, your data will be saved along with any networking threat. It means that your files will not get corrupted like other tools.

Features of My Secret Folder

Every locker has a property to lock the files or folders. With such tools, you can only lock your data to prevent everyone’s access. In such conditions, the person may have access to read your folder’s name. Sometimes, they can open the folder and check what is inside it.

This specific tool has something extra for its users. You can easily access those features and keep your data secure. Being an operating system user, you can use this tool on any operating system. It will smoothly work on Windows and Mac operating systems as well.

So, you would not find restrictions while using this specific program. With the help of this secure folder tool, you can perform two basic actions. First of all, you can hide your folder from your disk. It has an option of hiding a folder with which you can hide your folder from the entire disk.

The folder or file will be invisible for everyone unless you will unhide it manually. Yes, you would have to follow simple steps for finely performing this action. With this feature, no one will judge whether there is a folder available or not.

The other users will come to know when you tell them on your own. Secondly, you can protect your folder or data with a password. The password should be strong enough that no one will be able to judge it.

In this way, your data will be secured inside a folder that has a specific password. You would have to enter that particular password every time you want to use it. In short, this is the most secure method to keep your data protected.

How Can I Use My Secret Folder?

It is super simple to use this software because the interface is made user-friendly. You have to download it and install it on your device. After that, select the folder that you want to be secured. By selecting a password or hidden option, the folder will be removed from the screen.

You will be the only person who can view that folder after using that password. You should get this program because it is the most reliable with the simple using method. A user would not get tutorials for locking or unlocking his data or folders.

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