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Tom and Jerry is the most famous animation cartoon series. Most of us have memorable moments with it in our childhood. With the popularity of cartoon series, Tom and Jerry’s games have also become every kid’s desire.

A lot of adults also want to enjoy the games to remember their childhood moments. Here, we will discuss the 3 best Tom and Jerry games that you can play on PC freely.

What are Tom And Jerry?

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon series launched by famous Animators from America. It was the most famous animation cartoon of the 20th century. In this animation series, a cat (Tom) is always irritated by a mouse (Jerry).

What are Tom And Jerry

The original designers made 100 episodes of the series while many other animators did an addition in it. Tom and Jerry have been made full of visual actions and humor to provide full enjoyment to the viewer. Both the animation characters are on silent mode in 80% of the entire series.

Tom And Jerry Games For kids

With the demand from kids, Tom and Jerry games for kids have launched. You can get the games on your PC and allow your kids to enjoy them by playing peacefully. You only have to find the best Tom and Jerry games free download for your children.

Tom And Jerry Games For kids

Here is the list of the 3 best Tom and Jerry games free download for PC. Just read about them, and you will reach the destination via our platform.

Tom And Jerry: The Movie (Video Game)

The name shows it is a Tom and Jerry movie, not a game. But it is a game having Tom and Jerry as players, which kids control. Sage developed the game in the 1990s. The game comprises many stages that you have to complete for reaching the next stage.

The game’s concept is that Tom has to chase and catch Jerry in the huge adventure house. Both the characters are controlled by players using mouse and keyboard keys. Tom will face many problems like explosives and other threats while catching the mouse (Jerry).

A player can handle the Tom and move it over gaps between explosives. In the end, Jerry would be caught by Tom. Without catching the mouse, you can not jump onto the next level. Also, a kid must have to do this in the given time duration.

You can download this gameplay for your PC easily. It is also part of the list named play online Tom and Jerry Games. You can play online or offline in both sections without any problem.

Tom And Jerry In House Trap

The game plan of this game’s designer is a little bit different from than traditional Tom and Jerry concept. In this video game, both the characters try to escape from an adventurous house. Actually, the game has been made by picking the concepts of many other games.

This game was released in 2000. A lot of kids want are playing this game to enjoy an adventurous journey of their favorite characters. The players will help Tom and Jerry jump out from the house to start the next game section.

Tom And Jerry In Fists of Fury

This video game was designed by VIS interactive. The game has almost the same concept as the classical Tom and Jerry movie. It has many characters in addition to these two famous cartoons. It is a fighting video game in which players will help their selected cartoons fight to win.

The children enjoy and play this game because of its 3D graphics. They will have to use various senses to save their character. Also, they will need their character specialties to keep it safe. For instance, they have to remember which tools or explosives are related to their characters.

Tom And Jerry In Fists of Fury

You can download these Tom and Jerry games and many others using our platform. We will not restrict you to register with us for getting Tom and Jerry games for kids. Just use the links to get the game on your PC and keep your children comfortable with their playland.

Download Tom And Jerry Games For Pc

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