5 Solutions To Solve Airpods Won’t Connect to Mac

One of the most used products by the Apple Corporation is AirPods. It was the first company that made the experience easier for users to enjoy music and conduct meetings without having problems. But it has been seen that people are claiming “AirPods won’t connect to Mac”.

In this article, we are going to show all those issues that you might be facing during the working or connection of your AirPods. No doubt, it is pretty simple to connect AirPods with your Mac but why you are having issues. Let’s have a look at the following sections to understand the reasons behind AirPods won’t connect to Mac.

Why My AirPods Won’t Connect to Mac?

Whenever you will search for the issues behind your AirPods disconnection with Mac, you will get various blogs defining this term. But you will find most of them useless because you will not get any evidence behind the listed issues.

We have researched a lot and wrapped out the list in a fewer one because we have found them common in almost every report. First of all, it might be possible that your Airpods are not compatible with the operating system of your Mac device.

It happens a lot when we try to connect our Airpods with an older device. In turn, it will never be connected and keep showing problems. The second most common issue is the inappropriate working of Airpods.

Many people have reported that they are unable to connect with their Mac device with their Airpods but the problem is solved instantly without any solution implementation. The main problem might be in your AirPods or its charging case.

Last but not least, you might be facing AirPods won’t connect to Mac issue due to excessive data storage. It happens a lot when you have downloaded multiple files and their concerned caches in your device. In turn, you will never feel comfortable connecting your AirPods with your device and starting listening to music.

How to Fix the Problem of AirPods Won’t Connect?

Now, you have got a list of issues that might be at the back of AirPods won’t connect to Mac devices. It is time to sit on your couch and start reading the fixtures to get rid of such issues. Here we have enlisted a few solutions that might be beneficial for you because we have provided only those that we found reasonable with the above issues.

Recharge AirPods

Sometimes, we don’t care about charging our AirPods and are unable to connect them with our device. No doubt, it might be possible that the charging case is showing that your device is fully charged. But it might not be right because you may be getting the wrong notifications.

So, you must have to make sure that your AirPods are charged fully. For this task, you can connect them with the charging cable and check what is happening. If the charging case starts showing charge in progress, it is a clear sign that your AirPods were not charged. Due to this, you were unable to connect it with your Mac device.

Update macOS

As we have mentioned that incompatible system will not let you connect your AirPods with your Mac. So, you should have to check the compatible operating systems first from the internet by reading the description of your device.

Then, you should have to check for updates on your Mac device and get them installed as soon as possible. By doing this, you will be able to get rid of AirPods won’t connect to Mac problem.

Reboot the Mac

If you have been using your Mac device over a long period, it will keep collecting caches of applications. As a result, your device will get slower and unable to connect with any other device like AirPods. In such a case, you should have to reboot the Mac device and let it be started completely before connecting your AirPods.

Additionally, you can check for multiple apps that you have been using for a long and clear their caches. By doing this, you will be able to make your device’s performance smooth and connect it with any device like AirPods or any other.

Clean AirPods Thoroughly

Sometimes, it happens to the users that they are unable to get their AirPods charged completely or connect them with the charging port. It is common if you are not taking care of your AirPods properly. You should have to make it a habit to clean the AirPods as well as the charging case regularly.

But if you have not done this for a long time, you should do it right now. For this task, you should grab a brush and clean the charging case with AirPods thoroughly. It is not enough to clean them with a blow but you should have to be more efficient now. To do this, you should have to take a brush and use it properly with soft hands. By doing this, you will be able to remove all dust particles from your AirPods.

Connect Airpods With the Device Manually

If nothing is working for you and you are still facing issues of AirPods won’t connect to Mac, you should try to connect them manually. Sometimes, you might be connecting your Mac device with multiple Bluetooth devices.

In this case, it is common to face issues like disconnectivity with some devices. So, you should have to try to connect your AirPods manually instead of an automatic connection. For this task, you should have to open the Bluetooth settings of your device and un-pair all other devices.

Now you should try to connect your AirPods manually by clicking on the name of your device. In turn, you will be able to fix this issue and get your AirPods connected with your device for a smooth experience.

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, we have discussed a few steps by using which you will be able to solve the problem of AirPods won’t connect to Mac. You should also read the above issues that we have wrapped there for a better understanding of this problem as well as the concerned solution.

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