5 Ways How to Make Money on Amazon KDP Without Writing?

Undoubtedly, Amazon is one of the best platforms to streamline your income. It can assist its efficient users get them perfect in their fields and grow without hurdles. Amazon KDP is one of the best services offered by the company for its users like me.

A few years back, I was surprised to read that Amazon sold books worth $4.3 billion in 2016. It made me surprised as well as encouraged me to get started in this field. I thought a lot but the main problem was to write the ebook to get it published there.

So, I researched a lot and found various ways how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing. Yes, you have read it right, you don’t have to write the book by yourself to earn from it. Let me show you how you can earn from this service without investing much time.

Can You Make Money on Amazon KDP Without Writing?

The simplest answer is yes, you can make money via Amazon KDP without writing. It means if you are not a professional writer like me, you can still survive in the market. When I started working in this field, I was not a proficient writer like you.

I don’t even know how to create a book for Amazon KDP. But I still managed to sell books there and earn a handsome amount from it in terms of profit. Let me take you deeper into the discussion to learn how to create a journal for Amazon KDP or other book formats for income.

How to Make Money on Amazon KDP Without Writing?

If I say that making money on Amazon KDP without writing is an easy approach, it will be right. The reason is you can earn without having any technical knowledge of the field. Doesn’t matter whether you are a professional from a specific field or just a newbie, you can still make money.

Additionally, you can get paid via Payoneer by Amazon KDP like a pro. But you only have to read the following tips and implement them to earn as much as you can like me.

1. Review Books & Get Paid

The simplest way how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing is by reviewing the books. It doesn’t mean that you have to write reviews on the platform by reading them or by getting paid.

But some platforms have been integrated with KDP to let the users convert these books in audible formats. It means that you have to read the book aloud and give it your voice to let the lovers hear it instead of reading it.

You can earn from this service easily by choosing a specific book, converting it into an audible format, and sharing it on iTunes or other specific platforms. At the end of your work, you will get paid on an hourly basis. The average price for reviewing a book through this format is $300.

It can vary with the size of the book and the category in which you are working. Be mindful that you will be paid for successful hours only. So, you should be careful while reading instead of wasting time trying to read. The best thing is you shouldn’t worry about Amazon KDP account termination as you are not violating any rule by doing so.

2. Find Low Competitive Niches & Publish Content Books

Normally, users think that they have to get a book of hundreds of pages and get it published for earning by Amazon KDP. If you are also one of those, don’t worry I was also on the same track in the past.

Then, I realized that I was making a big mistake as I could find a less competitive book and publish a low-content book to earn from it. In simple words, you can create a book with fewer content pages but strong information for the readers.

It can be in the form of different formats like journals, calendars, notebooks, and anime books. You can find a low competitive sector from these sections and publish a book having a few pages. The best thing is when you have the right category to move ahead, you don’t need to delete a book on Amazon KDP as it is generating sales for you.

3. Get Services from a Ghostwriter

Sometimes, you are unable to find even a single minute spare to invest in earning from Amazon KDP. People think that it is useless to learn how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing when they don’t have time.

Be mindful that people are available on the internet to serve you with their services at a reasonable cost. The only thing that you should consider in this regard is you have to invest in the field before earning.

You can hire a ghostwriter and ask them to write a book for your Amazon KDP. You can find them on the internet easily by browsing social media platforms like FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Multiple freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru are also perfect for choosing a ghostwriter without losing money.

The most important thing to consider in this regard is a profitable niche. If you have worked in a highly competitive niche, it might be possible that your investment will be gone as you are unable to make a single sale.

4. Utilize the Power of AI

If you understand the writing procedure like me, it may be difficult to rely on another person’s writing. It is because you may not like it and ask him to make revisions again and again. In turn, your investment may have gone and you have to face a big loss.

To be safe in such conditions, I recommend utilizing the power of AI. Undoubtedly, multiple tools like GPT44xGPT66x, and GPT55x are available to assist you. Using these tools, you can create as many books for Amazon KDP as you need.

Additionally, you can easily edit the book to add emotions if you have found it incompatible in this regard. When you have a book written by AI with minimum cost, you will like to spend time in edits instead of losing your investment.

Moreover, you can sell KDP books on Etsy as you will be the owner of that book. Unlike other tips, you will find yourself safe as well as engaged with the creation of the book. It is right to say that this is the best approach to learning how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing.

5. Work on a Coloring/Sketching Book

Another effective approach to making money via Amazon KDP without writing is working on a sketchbook. In this type of book, you don’t have to write even a single whole page. You only have to sketch something on the paper and write short notes on the same page.

Undoubtedly, these books are created by focusing on the children’s market as they will be your main target/users. But these books are still sold because parents want their children to be creative which is possible via this method.

You can create a book using a simple tool like Canva and share it on KDP. Moreover, you can also upload book covers from Canva to Amazon KDP without facing any copyright issues. Isn’t it perfect to create a book without struggle and earn from it seamlessly?

Final Verdict

I hope you have learned enough about how to make money on Amazon KDP without writing. This blog is mainly written according to my research and professional experience of years. You should follow these methods to create sales of your books and earn a handsome amount.

It is good to learn the tips to increase sales on KDP or related instructions. You will be able to get a step ahead of others in the market when you know what to do and how to be a successful book publisher.

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