Can I Sell My KDP Books on Etsy? Things to Consider in 2024

Growth is compulsory to gain what a person has expected from their business. Being an author, I always wondered can I sell my KDP books on Etsy. It is because I do neither have enough time nor ideas to write new books for every platform.

Etsy is one of those platforms that I want to get started alongside Amazon KDP. So, I always wondered about this question and kept on searching on the official website of Etsy. It took a lot of time to find the answer and understand what I must have for this process.

In this blog, I am going to share that information with fellow authors. I am sure you will find this blog useful and be ready to move ahead in your career to grow and earn more. Let me show you what I have learned in this research.

Can I Sell My KDP Books on Etsy? 

The short answer is yes, you can sell KDP books on Etsy. But it isn’t enough to have while looking to get started with this platform and sell your books. Being an author, you should learn everything about this conversion or selling to seamlessly grow in your field.

In the following sections, I will share different sections related to can I sell my KDP books on Etsy. I am sure that you will learn everything you need to get started and sell as many books as you want.

Why Do You Sell KDP Books on Etsy?

A common question asked by many authors is why they should sell on Etsy instead of others. It is because Etsy has lenient policies when it comes to publishing your KDP books there. You won’t have to prove your authorship with deep details.

But you can easily verify your authorship by providing a few basic details that I will discuss below. Moreover, Etsy is one of the most browsed ecommerce platforms where buyers come and search for products.

It makes the platform suitable for selling more books as compared to other stores. Another major reason that makes the platform suitable for authors is free browsing by buyers. It makes them confident while searching for your book and increases the chances to sell more.

Last but not least, you won’t get integrated with your Amazon KDP account. For example, your books will remain live in the inventory even if your KDP account is terminated. Moreover, your books on Etsy will remain as it is even if you have deleted a book from Amazon KDP.

These reasons make Etsy suitable to browse over the other online stores/platforms. I must say that Etsy is the best platform that has gained a lot of sales for my books after Amazon KDP.

How to Sell KDP Books on Etsy?

Many authors like me must be interested in selling books via Etsy when they come to know that it is possible. If you are one of those, this section of the blog is written for you. Undoubtedly, it is pretty simple like creating a book on Amazon KDP.

But I have shared the step-by-step process to let you be confident and comfortable while moving ahead with this process. I must say you should be active to learn the process and follow it.

ISBN Number

Being an author, whenever you publish a book on any platform, it will be given a specific numerical code. That code is called ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which will be unique for every book.

When you publish your book at Amazon KDP, it will be generated automatically by the platform. So, you won’t have to follow different steps for this. While setting your book for sale on Etsy, you need to get that number from KDP and put it with your book.

ISBN Number

It will help the buyers check whether they are picking the real book or not. Alongside this, it will help Etsy verify your book authorship from Amazon KDP.

Printed Copies

Another thing that you have to make sure is printed copies of your book. Be mindful that Amazon KDP and Etsy work on two different models. You can’t even display your books for selling on Etsy without printed copies as you do in Amazon KDP.

So, you should order your books at wholesale price from Amazon directly which will manage the printing process as well as delivery process. It will help you be at comfort while getting your books printed.

Printed Copies

Along with this, you can go with the print-on-demand process on Etsy. Undoubtedly, it will save you the investment that you have to put into printing copies before getting live. But it can damage your sales as you may not be able to deliver on time due to the printing and delivery process.

Separate Inventory

Another important factor that you should keep in mind is inventory selection. I made this mistake in the beginning days and faced a lot of problems when trying to list my books from the same inventory.

Separate Inventory

Be mindful that you should create a separate inventory for every book on Etsy. It doesn’t allow you to add multiple books to the same inventory. So, you should be careful if you want to publish multiple books on this platform.

Payment Details

At the end, you should add your payment details to get paid whenever your books are sold there. You can link your Payoneer account with KDP as well as Etsy. It means that the same account can be integrated to get paid and earn profit.

Can I Sell KDP Books on Etsy for Free?

There is a big no to this question. It is because you have to pay a fee to set your inventory and sell your books. Without paying that fee, you will neither be able to publish your inventory nor make it visible.

When you have provided your payment details to get paid while selling books, it will ask you to choose the method to pay that fee. Without doing so, you will not get the button to move ahead and sell.

Final Verdict

I have shared everything that you need to know regarding selling books on Etsy. I am sure you don’t need to ask anyone if can I sell my KDP books on Etsy from now on. You can easily start selling books there and increase overall sales of your books.

Isn’t it the right way to grow and earn more from a single book? You only need to make sure that your book is capable of getting attention. Moreover, keep in mind that it may not allow you to sell medium content books like you do on Amazon KDP.

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