How to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP 2024? Complete Guide!

Undoubtedly, Amazon KDP has become the best place to sell self-published books at your selected prices without prior experience or publication services. As per statistics, Amazon manages and distributes 80% of books in the US. It shows how much proportion of buyers this platform has and is ready to offer a handsome livelihood to authors.

But the problem comes when the author has to deal with extended tasks like getting paid. I have faced problems while doing so even when I have learned what is Amazon KDP in detail. So, I am here to assist you with the understanding of how to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP in a step-by-step process.

By reading this guide, you will learn about the process in detail. I will show you how I have done so and what steps have been followed by me. Let me share the experience that I have got from this platform.

Benefits of linking Payoneer to Amazon KDP

Undoubtedly, you may have multiple options to get paid from Amazon KDP like me. For example, my priority was to get paid in a crypto wallet which wasn’t a good decision due to multiple complications. Then, I researched a lot and found Payoneer a good choice among different other methods.

Here are a few benefits of this bank account that I have found in my research.

Quick Payments

For an author, it is always exciting to get paid for their work. I am also in the same boat always waiting for the payment date to get payment of books sold out on Amazon KDP. Payoneer has facilitated me a lot in this regard because of its quick payment approval.

Quick Payments

Normally, I had to wait for a few days to get the payment approved by the bank. But it has helped me get paid within a maximum of 48 hours of the withdrawal from Amazon. Undoubtedly, KDP has also assisted me and the authors by releasing payments for all types of books including medium content books.

Manage Different Currencies

Mostly, authors deal with the US when it comes to managing and selling books by Amazon KDP. But your sales don’t need to be generated from this region only as this platform targets the entire world. So, it might be possible that you need other currencies too in your bank account.

Manage Different Currencies

Payoneer is at the top of the list as it offers multiple currency management. It means that you will be able to have accounts with different currencies from a single window. In turn, you can’t even find a single hurdle in your way when it comes to managing and getting paid from different Amazon accounts (if you have country-specific).

Easy to Manage Payment Mode

Keeping a record of what I have earned and what is in the pending condition is the must-have thing I always consider. It was hard for me when I was using other payment channels as there was a lack of management options.

Easy to Manage Payment Mode

Payoneer and Amazon KDP (collectively) have resolved this issue for me as I can manage everything from a single window. It has helped me have an eye on what is about to come and what has come into my account. The only thing to consider is that I am getting paid in a legal way i.e., from Amazon KDP regardless of whether I am earning from KDP without writing or not.

Until now, you have learned the benefits of connecting Payoneer to Amazon KDP. It is time to learn the steps for how to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP. In the following section, I have done so exactly with the same procedure that I have followed in my case.

How to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP?

For many authors, it is hard to connect Payoneer to KDP as they are unable to find enough information from their bank account. If you are one of those, this section is written for you. I have divided the entire process into 2 major phases following which you can easily connect Payoneer to your Amazon KDP.

Phase 1: Amazon KDP Account Payment Section

First of all, you have to find the payment section or get paid section of your Amazon KDP. It is because you have to insert all your bank information in that section. Here is how I have reached this section and recommend you go with the same procedure.

Step 1. Log in to your Amazon KDP account and tap on the “Your Account” option from the top menu

Step 2. Click on the “Getting Paid” option from the new window

Step 3. Now, tap on the “Add a bank account” option from the screen

This is all where you have to reach your Amazon KDP account. You can see whatever is required to add to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP. Anyhow, you have to move to the second phase in which I have shared what you need from Payoneer and add to your KDP account.

Phase 2: Payoneer Account Settings & Insertion

Once you have approached the Amazon KDP payment section, it is time to go ahead with the Payoneer account. Here is what you have to do in this regard and access your account:

Step 1. Go to your Payoneer account or join it by clicking here

Step 2. Click on the “Get Paid” option given in the left vertical bar after entering your account

Step 3. Now, tap on “Receiving Accounts” where you will see different accounts

Step 4. Choose any of those accounts (normally go with the USA account)

Step 5. Click on that account and copy details from there

Step 6. Paste the details of your Payoneer account in the Amazon KDP

Make sure that your Payoneer account has a “Checking” account type. It is compulsory to connect your account with Amazon KDP, otherwise, you won’t be able to link your payment account. If you are unable to do so and facing any technical issues, you should speak to someone at Amazon KDP.

Precautions While Connecting Payoneer to Amazon KDP

I hope you have learned how to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP by reading the above sections. But there are some precautions that you must remember while connecting these accounts and using them. If you are unable to follow them, your Amazon KDP account will be terminated and you may face a huge loss.

  • All your transactions should follow the guidelines of both Amazon and Payoneer.
  • The payment must be made from a reliable source, not a third-party or private investor.
  • You should verify your account first before moving to the payment processing.
  • Always provide reliable and real details to Amazon and Payoneer to avoid any unexpected conditions.

These precautions will help you keep both accounts safe and keep using them for a long time. I have seen a lot of authors suffering from different situations like account termination by avoiding these precautions.

Final Wrapping

In the above sections, I have shown you how to link Payoneer to Amazon KDP. The steps/methods mentioned above are followed by me as it is. You should follow them to connect your accounts seamlessly instead of facing any problems.

The only issue that you may need to encounter is a technical error. No one can support you instead of customer support in that condition. So, you should contact them and ask for help to resolve any issue if it is going out of control.

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