How To Rotate PDF In Microsoft Edge?

In this digital era, it has become common to share documents over the internet. The conversion of format between sender and receiver’s document is the common problem in this sharing method. So, people are using PDF that is the most reliable way to share anything without changing the format. Are you worried about how to rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge?

We have covered this problem and written this complete guide for your assistance. Keep reading and you will get the complete answer regarding all the confusions related to this method. Let’s try to explore this method and understand why Edge is being used by a lot of people.

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is one of the oldest web browsers that a prominent number of users are using. Due to its multiple features and reliable working, it was the second most used search browser by American’s. A large number of internet users are using this search browser for different tasks.

The most used feature of this tool is to open and view PDF files with a lot of options available for free. When you get a PDF file, you may look for a tool that will open the file and enable you to make changes to it.

Have you ever noticed, most tools are paid only? It means you have to buy their subscription to make changes in your files and make them perfect for your use. But Microsoft Edge is offering all these options for free without charging to its users.

It is not only used for open or view the PDF file but for many other purposes. Here is a brief list of features that will show you why people prefer to use Microsoft Edge for PDF files instead of Chrome.

Why It Is better To Use Microsoft Edge For PDF?

A lot of people have this question in their minds. They are confused because Google Chrome is the most used search browser on the internet all over the world. But why do people move to Microsoft Edge for this simple task?

The reason is the availability of different functions that will enable the user to work properly in different dimensions.

Changeable Page Layout

Once you will get a PDF file, you can open it using Edge with a simple click on the downloaded file. If it is opening in this browser, you can go to the control panel of your system and set this browser as the default to open PDF files.

In other browsers or free PDF viewer tools, you can only zoom in or zoom out to increase or decrease its view size. But with Microsoft browser, you can change the entire page layout with a simple click. You don’t have to open the settings for this simple task.

But you can do this using the upper menu bar of this search engine’s browser. Here you will find an option by clicking which you will get a list of page layouts. You can select any of the available layouts to make the document perfect to view.

Read Aloud Feature

This is a unique feature that you will get only in Microsoft edge regarding PDF files. Sometimes, the font size is smaller to look at and read it properly. In this way, you might not be able to understand the context written in that particular file.

Also, you might have to present that PDF file to your audience in a meeting. In all such conditions, you need a person who will pay complete attention and read the text. But you can do this with the Microsoft Edge PDF viewer tool with simple clicks.

After opening the file, you only have to click on the Read Aloud button that will be available in the upper section or the right sidebar. It depends on the version of this browser you are using on your device. By clicking on it, a built-in feature will get activated and the narrators start reading your document.

In this way, you can easily present your file as well as understand it properly.

Sharing of PDF files

Another amazing feature of this browser for dealing with PDF files is sharing with other people. You won’t have to download every PDF file after making changes to them. You can simply share them by right-clicking on your document.

It will open a list of functions to choose from and implementing action on your PDF file. In the bottom section, you will get an option named “Share”. By clicking on this, you have to follow some steps and your document will be shared with the concerned person.

In this way, you can save your device storage as well as make your content sharable with others.

Add or Remove Notes

Many people get PDF files over the internet for their work purpose. They might have to tell the sender what mistakes he has made in the work by writing them manually in the file. With a standard PDF viewer, you can’t perform this task easily as you have to follow multiple difficult steps. It is only possible when you have the best PDF converter or editor in your device.

In Microsoft Edge, you have to double-click on the draw button available in the upper toolbar. By clicking on it, you will get different functions like text writing, adding colors, drawing, and others. You only have to select your desired option and add the notes on any part of the PDF file.

Also, you can remove the notes that already have been added to a particular document. The only thing you have to do is to go to that part of the file and double-click on the phrase.

It will open the dialogue box with the comment. Just click on edit and remove the text written in the comment section. With this, you can easily remove notes or add new ones for the receiver.

Now, you have read the important features of this tool. In the next section, you will learn how to rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge.

How To Rotate PDF in Microsoft Edge?

The process will not take much time as you have experienced in other tools like Adobe Acrobat or others. You only have to follow these steps to rotate a PDF file in Microsoft Edge.

  • Open the file in Microsoft Edge
  • Check the upper toolbar and look for a rotate button
  • Click on that button once
  • It will rotate your file at an angle of 90 degrees
  • You can repeat the process to rotate the file more and more

In this way, you can easily use this tool for sharing PDF, editing PDF, rotating PDF, and understanding PDF files.


Is it Free To Use Microsoft Edge To View PDF Files?

It is a free tool that is given by Microsoft search browser to all of its users. You won’t need to pay or buy a tool for dealing with PDF files for different purposes.

Can I Edit The Entire PDF File With Edge?

Yes, you can edit the entire PDF document and make changes in it just according to your requirements. The only thing you have to do is to follow some steps for this task and start editing your document.

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