Vivo S1 Price In Pakistan | Full Specifications & Review 2024

Vivo is one of the most demanding brands in Pakistan nowadays. It is getting popular with every passing day because of its effective features, reliable processing, and affordable prices. This article has been written to discuss one of those mobile phones launched by this company under the name of Vivo S1.

Like Vivo S1 Pro, it is also a part of the S series of mobiles launched by Vivo in the world. From this page, you will know the Vivo S1 price in Pakistan, its features, and reasons why it is getting popular in the country among Android users.

Vivo S1 Price In Pakistan

You can get Vivo S1 for just PKR 33000 which is not a higher price as compared to its features/specifications. Due to such lower rates and multiple features, a lot of people want to buy this mobile phone. It is right to say that Vivo S1 is one of the most affordable models by the company.

Undoubtedly, you can explore the list of Vivo mobiles under 10000 and find your required one. But Vivo S1 has features that are unavailable in those mobiles making it a little expensive than those handy devices. If you are looking for a heavy-duty mobile with a professional working processor, you should pick the Vivo S1 and use it.

No doubt, the Vivo S1 price in Pakistan is a little more than the average mobile by the company. But its features justify why the manufacturer has set this price tag for this device. To elaborate on this price for Vivo S1, we have discussed its major features here in this section.

Features of Vivo S1

After comparing this mobile with other devices like Vivo 1726 and Vivo Y12, we have found features that make it better. You can find them here with a quick but brief explanation of those features.

Display Size

First of all, you will find a Vivo S1 with a perfect size that can easily adjust in your hand. You can compare it with the Vivo Y30 to analyze its size which makes it better to manage and work with a single hand too. Its 6.53-inch display will enable you to look at every picture precisely. The pixel’s capacity will not blur or make your photo undesirable.

Advanced Android Version

The 9.0 Android version has been used to make it faster than other mobile phones. You will not find it a slow machine even if you are running a heavy application. Moreover, you can use multiple apps at a time without facing lagging or other problems. Simply, you can play music in the background and keep working with your application on Vivo S1 without facing slow processing.

Dual SIM Compatibility

Vivo S1 is a dual SIM mobile phone with slots for Nano size. It means that you have to cut your SIMs in nano size to adjust their slots for smooth processing. Moreover, you can also use SIMs with different band networks as it allows you to use 2G, 3G, and 4G networks at a time with flexible network bands.

Extensive Storage & RAM

With 128 GB internal storage and 6 GB RAM, it is the only phone with such a price. Undoubtedly, it doesn’t fall in the category of Vivo mobiles with 10000 to 15000 prices. But it has extensive storage limit as well as RAM capacity to de-rank those devices and be on the top of the list for users.

Additionally, it also allows you to extend the storage capacity with the insertion of a memory card. Mostly, mobile phones either have 2 SIM slots or a memory card slot. But Vivo S1 allows you to experience both features in a single device. This facility is rarely available in a few devices launched by Inifnix company too. So, you can store additional files too with the insertion of a memory card.

Why Are Users Choosing Vivo S1?

There can be multiple reasons why Android users prefer this Vivo mobile phone as compared to other devices. But we have found the major reason behind this selection is the availability of features at this price. Whenever you explore the list of Oppo mobiles with this price range, you may not find a single device or find an ordinary device with limited features.

As per our experience and research, this is the main reason why Vivo S1 is getting popular among Android users.

Final Wrapping

By reading this blog about Vivo S1 price in Pakistan, you must have learned about its price and features. We have comprehensively discussed whatever you have to understand for picking this mobile model from the list. It is simple for you now to analyze whether you should go with this device or look for another one from the market.

Further, you will find its camera best of all in terms of pixels and results. In short, the Vivo S1 price in Pakistan is nothing if we compare it with available features.

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