List of Vivo Mobile Price In Pakistan 10000 To 15000

PS: This blog was written a long time ago and these mobiles are not available right now in the market. The manufacturer has stopped the delivery of these versions. But the company is going to launch Vivo Y36i in 2024 for which the prices is expected to be 13,999 Indian Ruppees.

Vivo is one of the fastest-growing mobile manufacturing companies in Asia. Every third person is using the device from this company. The main reason behind its popularity is the efficiency and quality of devices.

The average price of a Vivo mobile is not much enough. We are going to discuss Vivo mobile price in Pakistan 10000 to 15000 in this article. We will also provide you with a list of mobile phones under this range.

Vivo Mobile Price In Pakistan 10000 To 15000

There is a huge list of mobile phones by this manufacturer that falls in this price range. You can pick any of them. All the devices by the manufacturer will be amazing and fabulous for your work.

Here is the list of the top 5 Vivo mobiles under 10000 to 15000. You should explore the list before finalizing your product.

Vivo Y20

Vivo Y20 was launched in back 2020 with perfect quality features. You will find it a lightweight product that will never hurt your hands while using it.

The sensor of this mobile has been made efficient and sensitive enough to detect a few moments. So, you can smoothly swap your finger to control different features.

Vivo Y20

With its 720 x 1600 pixels resolution capacity, it will provide you HD display of every image. Also, it has been working on the Android 10 operating system to make it faster than others.

Vivo Y15

If you are looking for a mobile with high storage capacity, then Vivo Y15 is for you. A user can store up to 64GB of data in it along with the facility of a micro SD card.

With this mobile, you will not have to worry about the storage of your data. Also, you will find it faster and more efficient with its 4 GB RAM capacity. The mobile phone will never get slow even if you are using heavy applications.

In the last, its high-quality and efficient camera will enable you to capture images and videos perfectly.

Vivo Y15

Vivo Y30

Vivo Y30 is one of the top-rated mobiles from the year 2020. It gained interest from a huge number of people just after its launching date. The reason is the availability of multiple features.

This phone has 6.47 inches display with a full-screen touch panel. You can easily use it by touching it at any point on the screen. Also, it has a high-resolution capacity of 720 x 1560 to show every part of the image properly.

Along with the Android 10 operating system, it has a 5000 mAh battery. So, you will enjoy it is smooth running for a long time with a single charge only.

Vivo Y30

Vivo Y19

If you love to work with a standard-sized screen, you should get Vivo Y19. It will enable you to view the screen and use it comfortably. You will not have to worry about the size of the mobile.

It has a triple-quality camera to ensure that you are capturing quality images. The LED flash of the camera will allow you to capture it at night. You will not have to face restrictions of time while enjoying the beautiful moments of your life.

Vivo Y19

This mobile comes in different versions regarding RAM capacity. You can choose just according to your requirements. Vivo Y19 comes with 4 and 8 GB RAM capacity that will make both versions fast and reliable.

Vivo Y12

Vivo Y12 comes with two main RAM categories. It comes with RAM of 3 & 4 GB with different storage capacities too. Therefore, you can choose any of them according to your work requirements.

With its fast operating system, you will enjoy its fast working. This mobile will allow you to run multiple applications simultaneously without providing slow results. You will also find its high graphics on its perfect display.

Vivo Y12

This complete list has a price tag lower than 15000. Therefore, you can easily buy any of them for your regular work. Also, the qualities of Vivo mobile phones are up to the mark. You will not find any bad impact on your work if you have the right device from the right manufacturer.

Let’s Discuss What You Can Expect In A Vivo Mobile From 10000 To 15000.

Long-lasting Battery

Vivo mobiles are getting popular because every device has long battery life. So, you will not have to worry about power breakdown. You can easily use this device for 24 hours at least with a one-time charge.

The only thing you have to do is take care of your device. All the components in Vivo mobiles including Vivo S1 have superior quality. A user can utilize a device for a longer time without any fluctuation in its working.

Quality Camera

No doubt, many previous versions of the company have a built-in low-quality camera. But you will find the best camera quality in any of the above list mobile phones. The manufacturer has worked a lot in this field to reduce this problem.

Now, you can capture your moments with any Vivo mobile phone using its quality camera. You do not need to get a professional camera for small events when you have such an amazing device.

Large Storage Capacity

Vivo is also a reliable company for mobile phones because it is providing a large storage capacity. You will feel like you are using a minicomputer. With such devices, you will be able to store large data and use it for your work.

In addition, the storage can be increased using an SD card. Yes, many mobile phones by Vivo have this facility for reliable and smooth working. For example, the battery performance of the Vivo S1 Pro is better than many other devices manufactured by top-rated companies like Samsung.

Overall Performance

According to some research, the overall performance of the Vivo mobile is up to the mark. You will find it perfect in almost every aspect of usage. It will allow you to use it for a longer time with high storage capacity.

Also, the perfect display has been launched for irritation-free usage. Your eyes will not get hurt by its latest and most reliable display techniques.

For getting a quick overview, you can compare it with the devices having the same price range available in the market. So, you will have to do this and get a reliable phone for your smooth working.

Final Words

By reading this blog, you must have learned a lot about Vivo mobile price in Pakistan 10000 to 15000. We have shared the list of those mobiles that are available in the price range at the time of this blog writing. You can choose any of them according to your budget and related concerns depending on the above discussion.

Many other mobiles like Vivo Y83 are available in the market. You can choose such mobiles if your budget and requirements are of advanced level.

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