Vivo S1 Pro Pics, All Specification & Complete Guide 2024

Undoubtedly, Vivo technology is rapidly growing in the industry and sending the market bulls on the back foot. The main reason for its popularity is the affordable prices for its mobiles with an extensive list of features. It is right to say that this company is working for ordinary people who can’t afford highly expensive mobiles like iPhones.

One of the best mobile sets launched by Vivo is the Vivo S1 Pro which has a long list of features at an affordable price. You can’t find such amazing features in any other device available in the market. This blog aims to discuss this mobile set and its specifications in detail. We will also share Vivo S1 Pro pics along with its features and price.

If you are looking to have a quick but authentic overview of this mobile before making a purchase, you should read it till the end.

Vivo S1 Pro Overview

This mobile phone was launched in 2019 with the latest Android version 9.0 Pie. The mobile has been manufactured beautifully with a glass and aluminum frame. Its look, lightweight, and advanced Android version made it the handset that got the attention of users from all over the world.

It has a front and back made with pure glass to make it more attractive than the previous models of the same series like the Vivo S1. Also, the aluminum frame will make it unbreakable when it is dropped from some height. In this way, your investment will be safe in both the protection and beauty sectors.

You will feel comfortable while using this handset as well as use it for different heavy-duty tasks. It will make your work easier and faster because of its processor and storage. Let’s have a look at the major features before checking the Vivo S1 Pro pics.

Features of Vivo S1 Pro

On a lighter note, the Vivo S1 Pro is one of the best devices from the Vivo S series because of its features and effective working. But it has some major features that make it more prominent among other mobiles too like Vivo Y12 and Vivo Y30. Here we have listed the features that make it a useful device for everyone.

Dual SIM Feature

It is common to have multiple mobile numbers at this time because of various reasons. Mostly, people use different Android phones to operate their numbers because their device supports only one SIM at a time. Vivo S1 Pro has resolved this problem with its dual SIM working.

You can insert both of your SIMs in this mobile and use them from a single handset. Moreover, the speed of this mobile phone won’t be impacted by the insertion of both numbers. You can seamlessly use your device without any problems/hurdles.

Storage Capacity

The mobile phone has an extensive internal storage capacity that is enough to store almost 100 movies. It has a 128 GB storage capacity that is perfect to compete with mobiles with the same features and price range. For example, Vivo 1726 is one of the most popular models by this company but it has 64 GB of storage that makes it less effective than Vivo S1 Pro.

In addition to this, you can insert a memory card to enhance the storage capacity of the mobile phone. No doubt, you may not need a memory card as it has extensive storage. But it still allows you to have one and use it like a minicomputer to store as much data as you need for your work. It makes the device useful for professional as well as personal usage.


To make a mobile fast, there are two main components. The first one is the RAM while the other one is the operating system version. This mobile phone has both these features of premium quality. You will enjoy fast and smooth working with its 8 GB RAM capacity.

With this power, you can enjoy all the heavy games. Furthermore, the graphics of this device are perfect for enjoying games and movies. You can utilize this phone for any game available over the internet.

The 6.38-inch screen of this phone will enable you to get a clear image of every part of the game. All in all this mobile phone has all those features that you desire to get in a mobile phone. Vivo S1 pro is perfect for designers, gamers, movie lovers, and all other users.

Vivo S1 Pro Pics

As we have discussed the Vivo S1 pro has perfect dimensions and shape. You will find it more attractive than any other device available with the same price range in the market.

Here we have collected the best Vivo S1 pro pics from which you can get an idea about its physical beauty.

Dual SIM Feature

Vivo S1 Pro Price

When buying a mobile phone, it is not enough to check its pictures but you have to learn the pricing too and compare it with other devices available with similar devices. That’s why, we are here with the discussion of price in addition to Vivo S1 Pro pics.

At the time of its launch, Vivo S1 Pro price is around 43,999 ruppees that were gone lower a bit after a few months. The reason of price reduction was the launch of advanced models that were launched after its release. Now, you may not find a new device in this model as the company has stopped manufacturing them.

You can find it in the used condition at a much lower rate than its original price. For your assistance, we have also written about Vivo mobiles under 10000 that you can pick and buy as per your requirements. You can also fetch this collection and find if your concerned mobile is available in that list with much lower prices.

Final Wrapping

We hope you have liked our collection of Vivo S1 Pro pics that are shared above. You can easily find this device in used condition as it may not be available in the store in box-packed condition. It will be beneficial for you to pick Vivo S1 Pro in used condition as it will be economical and have extensive features.

The only thing you should care about is the analysis of the device before buying it. You should check the battery health, physical condition, and other properties before finalizing the purchase of a used mobile phone. Doesn’t matter you are looking for an Oppo, Inifnix, or Vivo mobile in this condition, you should be careful while paying for a used device.

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