Vivo Y12 Price in Bangladesh | Full Specifications & Features 2024

When you are looking for the latest mobile phone, you can’t ignore mobiles offered and manufactured by Vivo. The company is offering an extensive list of the latest mobile phones having advanced specifications and features to fulfill the requirements of the time. In this article, we will share a comprehensive guide about a specific model named Vivo Y12 including the Vivo Y12 price in Bangladesh.

By reading this blog, you will know about the major specifications of this model. It will help you understand whether this Vivo mobile is feasible for you or not as per your demands. Moreover, we will do a quick comparison of a few popular Vivo mobiles that can be considered alternatives to Vivo Y12.

But you should have a quick overview of Vivo company to learn about its mobile phones. Let us show you a quick overview of this mobile manufacturing company.

Vivo Mobile Overview

Vivo is a Chinese-based mobile manufacturing company that was formed in 2009 with the aim of changing the world of telecommunication. Till now, the company has worked nicely and offered affordable mobile phones to users throughout the globe. It might be possible that you will be able to get Vivo mobiles under 10000 to 15000 with a little research.

No worries if you haven’t found a brand new mobile in this budget as you can find a used mobile in good condition easily. Abide by this discussion, Vivo has equipped its mobiles with advanced chips and an extensive list of features that may not be available in an ordinary phone.

It has been seen that people, especially from South Asia, are getting attracted to this company. The main reason is affordable prices with advanced features that are enough even for professional use. It is right to say that Vivo has helped an ordinary person enjoy the benefits of smartphones.

Due to Vivo’s quality and price control department, every third person is using a mobile phone by this company. Some of its devices like Vivo 1726, Vivo Y91, and Vivo S1 have got the attention of smartphone lovers because of their extensive features. If you are trying to get a unique experience at affordable prices, you should try using Vivo mobile and pick anyone as per your budget and demand.

Vivo Y12

Whenever you are looking for some identical and prominent product by Vivo, you will see Vivo Y12 in that list. Why people are recommending this? Because it has a lot of features to offer for every user that is unavailable on most other phones.

Since its launch in 2019, it has gained huge popularity due to an extensive list of features. As per professionals, they are able to perform their tasks quickly in this device because of its high processing speed. It is right to say that you will enjoy working with this device for personal as well as professional use.

Vivo Y12

With its high processing speed, it won’t allow you to play puzzle games only that are lightweight. But you can also play heavy action games that can slow your device. Vivo Y12 has a strong processor to bear that pressure and keep working smoothly. So, you will be able to have an advanced experience even if you want to play heavy action games in this handy device.

In addition to its features, Vivo Y 12 price in Bangladesh is the most asked question of this region. The reason is that people want to get an idea about its price and compare it with the available specifications. That’s why, we have decided to share a comprehensive overview of its specifications and its prices too in this blog.

Specifications of Vivo Y12

If we talk about the entire list of specifications, then there is an extensive list. So, it will be hard to merge everything in this blog. We have analyzed this device and compared it with the requirements of the users to find the most useful features. Here is the list of those features with a quick overview for our readers.

Flexible Network Bands

Have you experienced disconnectivity of your mobile phone from a specified network? It might be possible that your mobile isn’t compatible with the network band. For example, if you have a mobile that supports a 2G network only, you will never be able to connect it to a network that only offers 3G or 4G speed.

Vivo Y12 has flexible network bands to work with all networks having different speeds. You can connect it with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks without experiencing any delay in the connection. It will be connected to the network within seconds and start playing your favorite YouTube videos.

Quality Display

Along with flexible network bands, you will get an amazing display from this device in both quality and size. With its HD resolution capacity, you will get every point clear on its screen. To make the screen brightness suitable for the eyes, Vivo has employed IPS technology for its screen. You can easily use this device for as much time as you want without getting irritation in your eyes.

Moreover, you will have a crystal clear screen that will enhance your watching experience. Doesn’t matter whether you are playing a game or watching a movie, you will get an advanced experience with Vivo Y12.

Premium Camera

We all know that Vivo mobiles have quality cameras to offer that can make your pictures memorable. Vivo hasn’t disappointed its users this time too by assembling this device with a premium camera to allow you to capture any scene with quality results.

In addition to a rare/back camera, it has an advanced and highly capable front camera. You can easily use it to capture yourself and enjoy your favorite moments as well as capture them for later use. Its 8-megapixel capacity will enable you to capture yourself with a clear preview and keep your memorable moments saved in its extensive storage.

Also, it has a triple back camera with having resolution capacity of 13, 8, and 2 megapixels. With this, you can zoom properly into your target object and click an image precisely without getting a dull preview. In short, you will be able to record quality videos or capture the best images of your life with this magical device.

Extensive Battery Timing

Last, but not least, it has a powerful battery with 5000 mAh capacity. You can use this device for more than 24 hours without any problem. According to some users, this phone has 24-36 hours of standby time to keep working properly. All in all, it is the best Vivo mobile phone with features that you won’t get on any other device. You can also get this phone in Black or Red colors just according to your desires.

Comparison of Vivo Y12 and Vivo Y15

It has been seen that many people compare Vivo Y12 with Vivo Y15. The main reason is the similarity between features and a lot of specifications of both these devices. The biggest feature between both devices is the price as the Vivo Y12 price in Bangladesh is much lower than that of the other model.

It is because Vivo Y15 has some extra features than the Vivo Y12. For instance, you will get Y12 in 3 GB RAM but Y15 has 4 GB RAM which makes it affordable and reliable for playing games of any type or size.

Similarly, Y15 has a 16-megapixel camera to capture pictures and quality recordings while Y12 has only 8 Megapixels. Except for these two features, all other specifications in both these devices are identical. So, it is right to say that Y12 is suitable in terms of price while Y15 can be a good pick if budget is not your problem.

As you will not find any difference in any of these devices, that’s why mobile users compare Vivo Y 12 with Y15. No doubt, Y12 is also compared with Vivo Y30 because of is in the same series of Vivo. But these mobiles have huge differences making them not close to each other.

Vivo Y12 Price in Bangladesh

The Vivo Y12 price in Bangladesh may vary between 15000 to 17000 Bangladeshi Taka. It depends on the outlet from where you are going to buy this device. You might get a discounted price on some stores if they are offering due to any particular reason. But the average price lies between 15000 to 17000 Bangladeshi currency.

Keep in mind that the price may fluctuate from this range if you are picking a used device. You should analyze the device before buying it if it is available under the used condition category.

Final Wrapping

Vivo Y12 price in Bangladesh is the most asked question because of its popularity. Now, you may have a clear idea why people love to use this device instead of any other available in the collection of Vivo sets. Also, the price is much lower as compared to devices offered by other companies with the same features.

If you are looking for a reliable device, we recommend using Vivo Y12 as it can offer you a good experience. Moreover, it is not a heavyweight device and you can use it easily without feeling tired. Many users say that they are using this device to watch the complete movie in a single go without taking break because of its quality graphics and lightweight.

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