What Does Pending Mean on Facebook Marketplace? Complete Answer

No denying the fact that Facebook has become a major place to sell your products, property, and services. With time, the social platform has worked for sellers and let them engage with a separate section called Facebook Marketplace to be at ease.

Both, buyers and sellers, feel comfortable while trading over this section of the platform. But it has some labels or sections that you should need to understand. In this blog, we are going to show you what does pending mean on Facebook marketplace.

Additionally, we will show you a quick overview of the Facebook marketplace and its related sections. You will be able to have a detailed idea about this part of the social networking site and be able to move ahead with confidence.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Normally, a general concept regarding social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok is social connection. People think that they can use it only for communicating with new people, making friends, and having an eye on what is happening in the world.

It is completely wrong as these platforms offer multiple ways to grow your business and stand ahead of your competitors. For example, you can create a Facebook business page and keep promoting your business there to engage more customers.

Facebook marketplace is a section where sellers can list their products and buyers can search for their required ones. It means that this is an online marketplace where one can sell the products and the other can buy them.

To keep everything fair, the platform has set some terms and conditions like listing details, pricing, and on-market dealings. In short, you will find it a complete package to sell your products or buy whatever you need.

But the problem is you may have to deal with fake Facebook accounts that encourage you to be careful while processing payment or critical information. Abide by this, the marketplace is a perfect section of the social network to grow your business or get your products at your doorstep.

What Does Pending Mean on Facebook Marketplace?

Now, let us show you what does pending mean on Facebook marketplace. Being a scroller of this section, you must have seen a listing having the tag “Pending” which means that the seller and buyer are communicating and may have an agreement.

This tag shows that the deal is under process and the buyer is about to process the payment. Once the payment has been made by the buyer, the listing will be marked as sold which will be considered the next stage of the purchase.

In short, you can say that pending means on the Facebook marketplace is the deal is in process and the other buyer has to wait for the next move. It keeps the sellers at ease because they don’t get further messages while the buyers are at ease because they can save time by exploring other listings.

Other Facebook Marketplace Tags

In addition to pending tags on the Facebook marketplace, it offers a few other tags to let the buyer and seller know about the listing. Here we have listed them with a quick description of these tags.

Marked as Available

This tag shows that the listing is available and any buyer can approach the seller to make a deal. It is right to say that this is an open invitation to every buyer to contact the seller and go ahead.

Marked as Sold

It is a tag that is displayed on the listing when it has been sold out by a seller. Doesn’t matter whether you had a deal at the Facebook marketplace or outside it, you can set your listing as sold to show the buyers.

What to Do if Your Listing is Pending For a Long Time?

Sometimes, the pending tag can be harmful to your listing and you may lose potential customers. Many sellers have reported this issue and are curious to know what they can do in such a condition. Here we have listed a few solutions that you can pick to remove this tag or get your listing back to available status.

Cancel the Sale

The very first step that you can take in this regard is to cancel the sale. If your listing has been in pending status for a long time like a week or month, you can go with this process. Be mindful that you can’t revert this action so take it carefully and after complete verification.

Update the Listing

Facebook marketplace allows the sellers to update the listing from their end. If your product has been sold but you have more in stock available to be presented to the listing, you can update the listing. It will let the buyers know that you have multiple products to sell instead of one.

Contact With the Buyer

It is recommended to contact the buyer using your messenger account and ask them about further processing. With this, you will be able to know whether you should go with the cancelation or wait for the buyer to process the payment.

Ask Facebook Support for Assistance

If nothing is working for you regarding the Facebook marketplace listing pending tag, you should go and consult with Facebook customer support. Undoubtedly, they have shared everything related to this part of the platform. But you can ask them for the solution to any problem if you are unable to find it from the list of available solutions.

Final Verdict

We have shared a comprehensive guide on the Facebook marketplace. You must have understood what does pending mean on Facebook marketplace with the solutions to resolve the issue. We hope you are ready to go with the section to sell/buy products as per your requirements.

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