How To Add Look Inside on Amazon KDP? Its Benefits for Aauthors

No author wants to limit their sales and keep growing by selling more books on Amazon KDP. I am in the same boat as authors who are looking to achieve the highest milestones to sell books. In the past few months, I have researched a lot and found the look inside button a beneficial feature.

I was really surprised when I asked experienced authors how to add look inside on Amazon KDP. The reason most of them don’t even know about this option and how it can impact their sales. If you are one of those, you should read this guide till the end.

In this blog, I will show you a comprehensive overview of look inside on Amazon KDP option. It will help you learn how this option can impact your sales and how it can perform well for your business. Let’s get started!

What Does Look Inside Mean on Amazon KDP?

First of all, let me tell you what the look inside button means on Amazon KDP. It is a specific option that lets the buyers get a preview of the book by reading a few pages. Be mindful that it doesn’t show the description of the book but the actual pages of your published book.

In turn, the buyers can easily read what the starting pages of the book have. So, they will feel comfortable while deciding whether the book is of their interest or not. If I say that it is the most important factor to understand when learning what is Amazon KDP, it will be right.

This option can do wonders for you in different sectors including sales growth. I will show you how it has helped me in getting multiple benefits in the following section.

How to Add a look inside on Amazon KDP?

Unfortunately, you can’t add a look inside button/option to your book on Amazon KDP. But it doesn’t mean that this option won’t be shown on your book for any reason. The main hurdle is that Amazon doesn’t allow authors to do so on their own.

You won’t get any option or section to move ahead with this process like you get while creating a journal on Amazon KDP. The only approach is that the platform will add this option to your book after a few days of the publication.

Once your book is published, you have to wait for a few days to get this button on your book. But if you don’t get it even after a few days or weeks, you can contact the team like you do to delete a book from Amazon KDP and its shelves.

The team will then let you know why Amazon hasn’t added this button to your book. It will help you understand the problem and then find the solution to get it resolved. In this way, you can add a look inside on Amazon KDP.

Benefits of Look Inside Button for Authors

Till now, you have learned how to add look inside on Amazon KDP. It is time to learn the benefits this option/addition will offer you. Undoubtedly, many people have mentioned a long list of benefits some of which are just useless or less impactful.

In this section, I am going to share those benefits that I have experienced and found impactful on my career. By reading them, you will also realize how this option can help you grow seamlessly.

Increase Sales

A major benefit that every author like me will get is sales boosting. Many authors think that it reduces the number of sales as buyers will read from look inside page. It is completely wrong as I have seen a prominent growth in the sales chart once Amazon has added a look inside button.

The reason is no one wants to leave their stories uncompleted. When you have provided them a few pages to be read and make them curious to learn more. In turn, it will increase your sales as every buyer who likes the opening pages will buy it.

Increase Sales

The only thing you have to do is create curiosity in the beginning pages. If you don’t know how to do so, you can hire a ghostwriter to help you. Moreover, it will help you make money without writing and enjoying profit.

Avoid Unexpected Cancellation

Being an author, the most irritating thing is the unexpected cancellation of the orders on KDP. The most common reason for all cancellations is mistaken orders placed. I have seen that the look inside button has reduced the number of cancellations.

Then, I researched and realized that this button has helped the buyers read a few pages to understand whether the book is for them or not. With this, they are placing orders only when they like it.

Avoid Unexpected Cancellation

So, I must say that it will help you reduce the proportion of order cancellations. In turn, you will get paid directly in Payoneer from KDP. No hurdles will come your way when you are thinking about the money you have made by selling books.

Less Bad Reviews

It is obvious to understand that the number of bad/negative reviews will become lower. The reason is your readers will only make a purchase when they find it helpful from the opening pages.

Less Bad Reviews

Undoubtedly, I wasn’t getting any negative reviews before. However, I have heard from multiple authors who are struggling with this situation that they have reduced the numbers once Amazon added this button to their books.

Can I Change the Look Inside Button Proportion?

Keep in mind that Amazon KDP doesn’t have a fixed viewing proportion for every book or category. But it has different proportions to show the number of pages to buyers before buying. The problem is you can’t customize this section as it isn’t allowed.

In simple words, you can’t set how many pages you want to show to the buyer after clicking on the look inside button. You have to speak to someone at KDP to get assistance from them and ask them to change the proportion. Be mindful that it is only a try and you won’t get guaranteed changes in this proportion after doing so.

Final Verdict 

I hope you have learned everything about how to add look inside on Amazon KDP from this guide. I have shared what I have experienced and faced in my career. You will be able to save a lot of time and effort by following this blog.

I recommend you be updated with Amazon KDP related queries by browsing this blog. You will surely get what you are looking for as I am sharing everything related to this platform as per my experience.

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