How to Cheat in Kahoot Point Stealer? The Complete Guide!

Undoubtedly, Kahoot is among the most browsed learning platforms along with Quizizz. A prominent proportion of students and teachers know about this platform and are always keen to explore their knowledge about it.

Being a student, you must be looking for some tricks to get higher grades on your quizzes and have a higher position. To assist you in this regard, we are going to discuss how to cheat in Kahoot Point Stealer in simple steps.

We have gone through this topic comprehensively and tried these tricks to get higher marks in our tests. It is good to learn how to join Kahoot for free and then learn the tips to cheat on this platform. Let’s get started and learn more about Kahoot Point Stealer.

What is Kahoot Point Stealer?

As a Kahoot user, you might be interested in learning about the point stealer option. It isn’t a built-in option, by the way, but an additional technique to bot the Kahoot game. In simple words, you can easily send spam bots to any game using this sector.

As a result, it will be fun for your friends when facing new characters on their computer’s screen. Undoubtedly, it can make the entire process of quiz sharing on Kahoot entertaining. But it can be irritating too if you are doing it when professionals are taking your exams.

So, you should be careful while sending bots to Kahoot games or cheating in Kahoot point stealer. If you are doing practice quizzes with your friends, you are going to have fun with them and enjoy the whole process.

Can You Cheat in Kahoot Point Stealer?

The simplest answer is yes, you can cheat in Kahoot point stealer easily. It enables you to cheat on any quiz and get grades at the end. Keep in mind that no tool will be going to fill your quiz sheet but it is only helping you to settle there and send bots to your game.

To learn more about this process, we recommend learning how to cheat in Kahoot within a few steps. It will surely help you understand the method comprehensively and perform well when having fun with others.

How to Cheat in Kahoot Point Stealer?

If we say that the process of learning how to cheat in Kahoot Point Stealer is straightforward, it will be right. You can easily understand the process like you do for changing a username in Kahoot. For your assistance, we have still listed the steps that you have to follow in this regard.

Step 1. Go to Kahoot and find the game you want to send spam

Step 2. Copy the game pin

Step 3. Browse this website:

Step 4. Paste the pin you have copied from the Kahoot official platform

Step 5. Check in the box labeled “I’m not a robot

Step 6. Tap the “Flood” button to start the process

Step 7. Now, open the Kahoot game

You will be able to see that bots have been added to your game. The number of bots will be equal to what you have entered before clicking on the “Flood” button. It means that you can adjust the number of bots before sending them to your required game.

Is it legal to Cheat in Kahoot?

Whether you are learning about the process of cheating on Kahoot or Blooket, you must learn the legal impacts. It is because you may be able to face legal issues if someone has taken action against you. Undoubtedly, cheating is considered a crime in many countries around the globe.

Platforms like Kahoot don’t take it seriously and let your teacher decide. An organizer is the person who can decide what restrictions they have to apply to their games/quizzes. Additionally, you will get instructions from them before you get started with the quiz regarding terms and conditions.

So, you should read those terms and decide whether it is good to go with cheating in Kahoot point stealer. If you are participating in a friend’s game, you can go with this process as no one will take action and take it as a fun activity.

Final Wrapping

We hope you have learned about how to cheat in Kahoot Point Stealer. We have discussed the process step by step and its related impacts on the game. You can now decide whether you should utilize this option or not while playing the game in Kahoot.

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