How To Search for Candidates on LinkedIn

Undoubtedly, social media has become the main hub to get jobs or hire talent. Every person can use social media channels for their respective purposes. For example, if you are looking for a job, you can utilize these platforms for this.

Similarly, you can hire talent from social media platforms like LinkedIn. It has been seen that recruiters face difficulties while hiring employers from this platform. The reason is they are unable to understand how to search for candidates on LinkedIn.

Do you belong to that group of recruiters? This guide will help you a lot in learning some simple and effective tips to find candidates easily.

Major Problem As a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Being a recruiter isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Multiple problems are there waiting for you to give you a challenging situation to survive in your job. The most difficult problem in this regard is hiring the right talent for the company.

It is because the company is going to rely on a person and will ask you about their performance. So, every recruiter wants to have qualified and professional staff on their board. While choosing the right talent, a recruiter has to keep multiple factors in mind.

For example, you must have to make sure that the person has enough skills to tackle problems related to their skills. Similarly, you should analyze different aspects of the job/skill to estimate whether the person is right for your job or not.

These challenges make the job of a recruiter difficult. It becomes harder when you are dealing with a company having multiple employers. Due to such problems, many people don’t want to be a recruiter or leave the field.

Don’t worry if you have been suffering from such conditions, you will find a solution here. In the upcoming sections, we are going to show you how to search for candidates on LinkedIn.

How To Search for Candidates on LinkedIn?

Undoubtedly, people keep on searching for jobs on LinkedIn. But it might be hard for you to deal with a job posting because of multiple applications received. Many recruiters avoid this method and try to find candidates manually.

In this section, we are sharing 6 simple and effective tips that can help you in this regard. If you are a recruiter, you should briefly learn about these tips and implement them in your candidate searching campaign.

1. Through Direct Search

The simplest way to find the right talent for your audience is through direct search. In LinkedIn, you will find a search option from where you can search within the platform. To find the candidate, you have to search for the keyword in this section.

For this, the best approach is to search skill for which you are looking a candidate. For example, if you are looking for social media manager, you will search this term in the search bar. It will show all those profiles that have used this term in their taglines, skills, and other sections.

In turn, you will see a long list of candidates that you can explore to find the right person for your job. If you are looking for an office-based candidate, you can use location filters. It will show only those people who are living in your surrounding regions.

Similarly, you can use different filters to shorten the list of candidates and find the right one. It will be a good step to hire the best candidate for your company.

2. Optimize Your Profile

Keep in mind that optimizing profiles isn’t necessary for employers only. Being a recruiter, your profile on LinkedIn should be optimized too. It will help you engage talent as well as professionals with your profile.

By optimizing your profile, you can’t only get the attention of employers. But it will also help you start a new journey at a new company. Isn’t it good to optimize your profile and perform two tasks in a single go?

For example, adding projects to your profile will help you secure a new job. Similarly, if you have added related keywords like #hiring, #lookingfortalent, and others, candidates will come to your profile while searching. In turn, you won’t have to explore the search list and the right talent will knock at your door.

3. Use the Company Page Wisely

Normally, we have seen that people are using their company pages just to promote their services. It is completely wrong if you are doing so as a recruiter. You must keep your company’s page informative, engaging, and entertaining for your visitors.

The best thing you can do in this regard is share your company’s activity there. It means that you have to tell candidates why your company is good for them. For example, if you have enjoyed a yearly event at your company, you should capture pictures and share them on your page.

It will help you market your company in almost every category of business. Whether you think from an employer’s perspective or the market’s perspective, you will find it beneficial for your company. So, you should manage your company’s page wisely instead of promoting your services only.

4. Pick Suggested Profiles & Explore

While using your company’s page, have you seen suggested profiles on the right side? You must have seen it as it is a built-in feature of LinkedIn. It displays all those candidates who have seen your page and their connections.

By exploring that list of profiles, you will be able to find the right candidate for your company. It is because you will have mostly those profiles there that are looking for a job related to your field. In turn, it will be easy for you to filter those profiles to find the right one.

5. Ask Your Employers for Recommendations

Another good and effective approach is to encourage your employers to help you in hiring. You can ask them for recommendations or share the job post with their connections. They can share the job post via LinkedIn or through other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

It all depends on them which platform they prefer to share the job post. You can also encourage them by announcing a bonus for the person who recommends the best talent. This strategy will work and provide you with effective results for hiring the best candidate for your company.

6. Utilize LinkedIn Badges/Tags

As LinkedIn is normally used for job hunting or talent hunting, it enables its users to place some badges on their profiles. It has multiple badges for users of both categories. In simple words, you will get a badge of #opentowork if you are a job seeker.

Similarly, recruiters will get some additional and related badges for their profiles. If you are a recruiter and looking for a candidate, you should try to use these badges. It doesn’t mean that you should only put these badges on your profile.

But it means that you can search for these tags in the search bar to find the people with them. This search will enlist those profiles only that have used this tag in their profile. So, you will be able to know that the person is looking for a job.

Is it a Good Approach to Hire Talent Directly from LinkedIn?

Mostly, recruiters think that posting an internship request via LinkedIn job is the only way to hire. Also, they think that other methods are just useless or less effective when it comes to choosing the right talent. It is completely wrong as many people find the best talent for their companies directly.

For many users, the content shared on their profiles has worked. In simple words, a job seeker has shared something to their profile and a recruiter has found it luckily. As a result, it might be possible that the recruiter has liked it and contacted the person for a job.

So, you can say that recruiting the right talent by searching on LinkedIn instead of posting a job is good.

Final Wrapping

The above blog has cleared your doubts about how to search for candidates on LinkedIn. We have shared some effective tips that can help you in recruiting the best talent for your company. By hiring the right talent, you can’t only boost your company’s sales but also get a promotion on successful hiring.

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