Why Are My Photos Not Loading On My iPhone? Problem Solved!

iPhone is one of the most famous manufacturing brands used around the globe. The main reasons behind its popularity are the fast processing and quality camera. What if you awake a morning and find that all your pictures have been stopped to display. Yes, it is happening a lot in most of the mobiles manufactured by Apple Company. Many people find it hard to have the exact answer to why are my photos not loading. This is where you will find this article useful and helpful for you.

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The only aim of this article is to tell you the reasons and the solution to get your photos back. By the end, you will be able to solve this problem with a few clicks on your mobile screen. Let’s get started and have a look at every section properly.

Why Are My Photos Not Loading?

There may be multiple reasons behind this issue but we have enlisted only 3 of them. Why? It is because we have researched and found that these are the most common reasons behind the answer to why are my photos not loading on my iPhone.

Enabling Optimization Storage

Every model of iPhone has been assembled and launched with some specific features. The common feature in most of the models is the optimization of the storage. This feature enables the mobile phone to get rid of all junk and useless files from your mobile storage.

By using this feature, you can save a lot of space by saving your pictures to iCloud. Yes, it will save all your images to iCloud to save space and shows only a thumbnail of your pictures in the gallery. So, you can have a look at the picture and open it directly in the cloud.

Internet Problem

Another problem that may be at the backend of the slow loading of the pictures is internet issues. When you don’t have a stable internet connection, it will take a lot of time to load a picture or video in your mobile’s gallery.

Sometimes, the photos app will not show the pictures if it is taking much time to load the files. In such a case, you may get a notification that the app is not responding. In reality, it is because of internet disconnection or slow internet speed.

Insufficient Space

Last but not least, the reason behind the slow loading of the pictures and videos is the insufficient space. No doubt, you can save your pictures to iCloud using the storage optimization feature. But it does not mean that all the files and applications will be worked through it.

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When you have downloaded various apps, it will cover a lot of space. Sometimes, you don’t have enough space to open a heavy video or high-quality picture. In such a case, you will not be able to open a file but can only have a look at the thumbnail shown in the gallery folders.

How To Fix Photos Not Loading Problem?

Whether you have the first problem discussed earlier or the last one, you need to fix it. Some people say that it is not possible to do it manually and visit the customer care centers. It is absolutely wrong because you can do it manually and we have found beneficial results from our techniques.

Here is the list of all those solutions that have worked for us and provided us with profitable results.

Turn off The Optimization Storage

The very first thing that you can do in this regard is to turn off or disable the storage optimization feature. It will not take much time if you are aware of the various sections of your mobile’s settings. By doing this, you will be able to shift all your photos and videos inside your mobile storage from iCloud.

It means that you neither need to connect with the internet nor use the cloud storage path for this. Here is how you can disable the storage optimization feature within a few steps.

  • Open the settings of your iPhone
  • Look at the top right corner where your profile picture is shown
  • It will open the iCloud panel
  • Go to the iCloud option to change the settings
  • Tap on the “Photos” option
  • Open the library section
  • Check into the box given against the “Download and Keep Originals” option

By using these simple steps, you can turn off the storage optimization and make sure all the pictures are available for offline view. In this way, you will be able to open the pictures and videos within a fraction of seconds.

Stabilize The Internet Connection

The second thing that you can do if you don’t want to use the offline picture profile feature is to check the internet connection. You can’t do this using your iPhone but contact your internet provider. If you don’t want to upgrade your internet speed, you can also go to someplace where you can connect with high internet speed. By doing this, you will be able to know whether the problem is the internet connection or anything else.

Delete Duplicate Files

If you are still facing the same problem even after connecting with high-speed internet, you can free up the space. You can do this by deleting duplicate pictures and videos from your phone. The process will not take longer if you are using storage optimization software.

It will keep showing that how many duplicate pictures you have on your phone. With this, you can only click on that notification and remove the duplicate pictures. It will only keep the original photos on your gallery and show them to you.

We recommend you check the photos manually and delete all those that you find are duplicated. In turn, you will make sure to avoid deleting any picture accidentally.

Restart Your Phone

If nothing has been working for you, it would be a better way to restart your device. Sometimes, you may be using the device for a long and have not used the built-in storage optimization feature. In this case, the processing speed will be lower than your imagination.

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It will also affect the photos app and does not show the pictures. By restarting your phone, you will be able to make the processing smooth and let your apps get back to work. It might be possible that you will be able to solve the photos not loading problem by doing this.

Connect With The Customer Care

Sometimes, nothing will work for you from the above steps. In such a case, you need to go to the customer care center and ask them to solve this problem for you. They will analyze your phone properly and tell you whether there is some problem with the hardware or in the software.

In turn, you only have to pay a little bit to get your iPhone progress back on track.

Final Wrapping

By following the above guide, you can make sure “Why are my photos not loading”. Also, you can choose the best solution from the above list to make your work smooth and enjoy the perfect working of your device.

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