How To Know If Someone Restricted You on Messenger? [2024]

Messenger is a messaging application owned by Facebook to let its users be at ease while communicating with anyone over messages. It means that you can connect your Facebook account directly with it and have access to send messages in a separate section instead of using a timeline.

In addition to simple features, messenger also has extensive features making it suitable for everyone to be secure and care about their privacy. One of those features is “restricted” on Messenger which we will share in detail in this blog.

We will show you how to know if someone restricted you on Messenger with a detailed guide on this feature. Let’s get started and explore the following sections.

What Does “Restricted” Mean on Messenger?

It is right to say that Messenger offers an extensive list of features making it suitable for all users. Doesn’t matter whether you want to be isolated among a few people/friends on this messaging app or looking to explore a huge list, you can do so.

The restricted feature is a specific option that one can apply to be free from irrelevant messages and ignore them easily. In simple words, the person won’t need to deal with those messages. Unlike other social media platform’s messaging sections including TwitterInstagram, and TikTok, the sender won’t know whether you have read their messages or not.

It makes the process of understanding whether you are being restricted from the receiver or not hard. This is where you will find this article useful as we will show you how to know if someone restricted you on Messenger. By reading this guide, you will be able to know all those factors that can indicate this.

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Messenger?

Unfortunately, there is no direct option to learn that you have been restricted by someone on the messenger. It means that you won’t get a tag/label like you get pending in the Facebook marketplace. You can only estimate this situation by exploring a few factors that we will discuss in the following section.

If you are looking to restrict someone due to privacy issues, you can do this for sure. But we don’t recommend banning someone from a Facebook business page as they can be your potential customers in the future. Abide by this discussion, let’s have a look at the following factors to understand the answer to our core question.

No Active Status

The simplest way to estimate whether you are being restricted is by checking the active status. It means that you will not get active status for that person. No doubt that a person can be busy but they can’t be offline for a long time like weeks or months.

Also, you will see their last online time on the screen if they haven’t restricted you. But if you are not getting any of these, it can be possible that you have been restricted by that user.

No Profile Picture

Another clue that can let you know that a person has restricted you on Messenger is their profile picture. You won’t be able to get a display picture of that person whenever you explore their chat. Undoubtedly, you will not get a display picture even if that person has blocked you.

No Profile Picture

For this, you can either check out their profile on Facebook to find out whether you are getting a display picture there or not. Also, you will get a notification showing “this person is not available” in your chat if that user has blocked you.

No Read Receipts

It is right to say that read receipts will let you know whether your message is delivered, sent, or read by the user. But the same thing can help you learn how to know if someone restricted you on Messenger. If a person has done so, you won’t be able to get read receipts in their chat.

In simple words, you won’t be able to see any difference in read receipts even if the person has read your messages. It means that you will never know that the person has opened your chat box.

Is a Restricted Feature Available in Messenger Lite?

We hope you have learned the restricted feature in detail by reading this blog. But the main question that comes to mind is whether this feature is available in Messenger Lite or not. Be mindful that Messenger Lite has almost every feature that is available in the original application.

For example, you can find the messenger lite dark mode feature as well as status adjustment to be protected on the platform. Additionally, you can set who can send you messages and restrict you from doing so using some simple steps.

The only thing you should be aware of is the process to set any section or go ahead with a specific setting. So, you can say that you can access any feature in Messenger Lite that is available in the original/official application.

Final Verdict

In the above guide, we have shared a comprehensive guide about restricted features on Messenger. We have shown how to know if someone restricted you on Messenger. Undoubtedly, these factors won’t give a 100% guarantee that you will get accurate results.

But you can have an idea/estimation of this activity by that user. You can ask them for further confirmation or leave them instead of sending spam messages.

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